Friday, June 05, 2009

Oh Happy Day (continuing my song lyric theme)

Thoughts that make me happy in advance.These are all things I am planning on doing this weekend.

  • Going to see "Land of the Lost" with my brother. 
    • Update on that one. We saw it yesterday. Wow. WORST.MOVIE.EVER. Seriously, could not hate that movie more. I laughed exactly twice in the movie. Once in the clip with Matt Lauer at the beginning. And once during the clip with Matt Lauer at the end. You know your movie sucks when MATT LAUER is the only one getting laughs. 
  • Digging up the dead tree out of my yard.
  • Possibly doing more yard work (yes, this makes me happy in a perverse sort of way).
  • Getting Indian food for dinner tonight
  • Hanging with Little tomorrow night (at the Real Salt Lake game with bonus David Archuleta performance).
  • Going to an RSL game tomorrow night (3 weeks without a home game! I'm going crazy here people!) And yes, hanging with Little and going to the game are one in the same activities, but individually, they both make me happy.
  • Paying my bills. Odd, yes, I know. But finally I have most of my reimbursements back, and I won't be cutting corners for a change. Life can get back on track!
  • Sleep. Dear precious sleep.
  • I plan on taking cute little Kaya the Dog to a park and letting her run free. She desperately wants to!
  • Cleaning out my garage and car. I actually like it when things are organized and clean, crazy, I know!
  • Finally, after 2 full years of procrastination, I am getting a Utah Drivers License (if they are open on Saturdays).
  • And finally, after 18 months of procrastination, I am going to get new glasses and contacts. Let's hear it for good vision!
  • Realizing that this list is getting way too long, and being perfectly okay with that.

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  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I know that this blog is generally about your life and the goings on thereof but since you are a professional blogger Could you address an issue? I have a friend(yes it is a friend and not me) who had/has a blog on movies and directors but he became very bitter and soon tired of his blog as nobody was visiting it. How does a blogger keep it going when it seems that the only reader is also the writer?


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