Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Highlights

A weekend in bullet points!

  • 48 hours with Little!
  • More flowers, more gardening!
  • 1 very sore back and neck- again!
  • 1 ward breakfast
  • 1 dollar movie
  • 1 completely awesome Due West concert with 2 encores!
  • 1 very happy Little who had a blast at her first ever DW concert, complete with hearing "her" song, and Matt waving at her onstage so she'd know it was "her" song!
  • 1 Sunday afternoon nap
  • Lots of Hannah Montana
  • 1 pot roast and homemade fudge marble cake (Introducing Little to "traditional Sunday dinners" McBride style)
  • My brother introducing Little to Settlers of Catan- she loved it.
  • 1 fun long walk with the neighbor boy, his dog, and our dog (our doggies were having a playdate)
  • Getting caught in the rain! (I LOVE running in a rain storm!)
  • Choir practice, because holy dang, our choir rocks! I can't wait till we do our next show!
  • My garden is still alive! Nothing has died (yet)!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Settlers of Catan - we have all the versions. :)

    Sounds like a great weekend. We had pot roast too - only we had it Saturday.


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