Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I am Going to Bed at 9:30 pm Tonight

Saturday- pulled a float in a parade. Yes. Pulled. A float with kids on it.
Went grocery shopping. Spent $160, saved $44 using coupons, plus qualified for a free tank of gas.
Took Little to a pick your own cherry farm. Picked 10.5 lbs of cherries. That's a lot of freaking cherries. Oh yeah, and took the dog too.
Stopped by the Sweet Tooth Fairy for a va-nie-illa cupcake to celebrate Nie's birthday. Let me just say, Little and I haven't stopped talking about those cupcakes since. Totally lived up to the hype!
Got home, changed clothes, took a fast shower, and left for the Real Salt Lake Game.
Watched the most awesome Real game this year.
Walked the dog.
Watched JONAS.
Had "girl time" with Little.
Pitted and sliced approximately 5 lbs of cherries. That's a lot of freaking cherries. 
Got to bed very very late.
Got me and the kid up for 8:30 am church.
Came home made 2 from scratch cherry pies.
Watched Princess Protection Program.
Had a random dog run in our house and scare the crap out of me, the cats, and Little. Our very protective dog has never barked so loud before!
Said goodbye to Little.
Got a very very short nap in.
Went to choir practice.
Got home close to 10 pm, cleaned some of the kitchen.
Could not for the life of me get any sleep.
Watched random shows on hulu.
Finally fell asleep around 1:30 am,
Woke up at 4:30 am  thanks to oppressive heat, a kitten, and a brain on overload.
Finally gave in and just got up and walked the dog at 6.
Worked, worked, worked until 3.
Took a cherry pie to a neighbor. 
Picked up Little.
Did our thing. Went to the Hannah Montana movie. Have I mentioned I am now a teen pop expert? And I can do the Hoedown Throwdown? I really need a place to use that skill besides my car.
Had the following conversation:
Erin: I'm going to run back in the cafe and grab a napkin. 
Little: Leave your phone, I'm going to do the Twittering for us. 
Erin: Do you know how to use Twitter on my blackberry?
Little (giving me the "duh face"): Of course. And people need to know what I'm doing. 
Erin: I've created a monster. 
Little: Don't forget the napkins. 
(end conversation)
Got awesome news that a very deserving friend got a job!
Got home at 8 pm, had strange experience with sheriff's department. (Its a former dispatcher thing. If you call 911 and tell them "I'm a former EMT and dispatcher. Do you mind if I speak frankly?" Trust me, they let you be honest and frank, and will call you back multiple times.)
Quote of the day: If it is a prison outbreak, we will give you a call back and let you know. If we can't find him, we may call for additional information.
Um... Ok?
Walked the dog.
Got in bed with the laptop and 2 movies and said "goodnight moon."


  1. So by Jonas, is that the Jonas movie? If it is, is it good?

    And I'm exhausted reading what you did. I can't imagine how tired you are!

    Your dad gave a great talk on Sunday. I rarely enjoy High Council talks ;0, but his was great!

  2. jules2:24 PM

    Jonas--the new comedy series on Disney Channel. Yeah, I'm ashamed that I know that, but I do. It's alot like watching the old Monkees series, actually. Joe is like Davy Jones(ie romantic lead), and Kevin is like Peter while Nick is clearly the Micheal Nesmith of the group. Maybe the little bonus Jonas will be the next Mickey, because they totally need a Mickey.

  3. I love this post. I feel like I can really relate to what you're saying here. PS If you'd ever find extra time and you have some spare cherry pies sitting around you can ship one out to Minnesota if you'd like. I would say no. ha ha


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