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Stinky Baby

I miss my cat. My Stinky Baby (previously and also known as Squiggy, Bo, Bocephus, and other names) is missing. And I want him back!
Since he discovered the great outdoors it hasn't been uncommon for him to disappear for 3-4 days at a time. But he's never been gone longer than 5 days before.
It has been 8 days, and I am ready for him to come back now.

He's an unfixed male, which means he could just be shacked up with some female for a few days. I've heard that male cats will starve themselves and act stranger than usual when their female is in heat. Stinky has lost a ton of weight recently, and in the 2 days prior to his disappearance acted stranger than usual. (We're talking nonstop 'kitty talk' for hours on end. Even waking me up in the middle of the night to sit on my chest and talk to me.) And then he managed to sneak out of the house, against my attempts to keep him in to fatten him up.
I went down to the shelter to look for him.I was not happy to find…

What a Difference a Year Makes

It was one year ago that I was unceremoniously, and illegally, fired from my job by Tricia McGarry. She made a slew of false and ridiculous accusations (including how ALL of my clients hated me and wanted me off their accounts- all of those same clients would call me personally within the week to offer me jobs, or offer to help me find a job). At that point in time our paychecks were seriously late. We hadn't been paid in full in several weeks. By Utah law, she had 24 hours to pay me in full. It took her over a week to get me my check. Even then it was short several hundred dollars, and it bounced.
If you have been following this blog for the past year you know that I still have not been paid. I've been to court where I tried to sue her, but her lawyer made up some total lies about a claim I supposedly had through a different system (I didn't, but I do now!), and my case was dismissed. The state has now passed on my claim (and the claims of my co-workers) to a collections …

A "Little" Fun With Splatter Paint

It is no secret that I don't care for normal, typical, beige, comes-from-a-furniture-store furniture. I like my furniture to have a little personality. I'd rather buy antiques or old second-hand furniture, and fix them up to fit my style, than try and find my style in a store.
I've been in need of a dresser for the room that we currently call "Little's Room," that will also some day be the room that a foster child will sleep in. (But, as Little will gladly explain to you, the foster child will only share her room until the foster child gets to decorate and paint their own room.) Not to mention my brother (who is living with me now) has been in need of a dresser for a while. So we went to Deseret Industries (lovingly known in Utah as D.I., which is basically the equivalent of Salvation Army) to pick out a dresser. We found your typical, tall 5 drawer, brown, wood, ugly, ancient knobs, dresser for $15. It had some significant dings, but nothing a little sanding…

I guess I got busy again

Have I mentioned my love for a busy Saturday recently? Tomorrow (today?) I'm determined to get just as many necessities done as luxuries. Or in other words, do the yard work, paint the dresser, clean the house, buy groceries, AND go see Harry Potter and get a pedicure, all before 5 pm when I go help a friend move. Which considering how long Harry Potter is, will be quite a feat. Totally doable!

So why and how was I busy all week? Well, if you noticed last Saturday there was a Due West concert in Draper. On Monday there was a DW show in Ogden. Tuesday in Orem. Wednesday in St George. Thursday in Farr West, and Friday in American Fork. (These boys work hard for the money!) I was at the Monday, Thursday, and Friday shows. "Little" was at Thursday and Friday as well. She asked me tonight if we were groupies. I said I prefer to think of us as the entourage. She said, "Good, because my brother says bands don't like groupies." Later, Little was getting her new DW …

I Heart Due West

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love Due West. They are in Utah often enough that you may think they are from here, but actually, they're from Nashville. But they are (thankfully) in Utah performing pretty frequently these days. This week I'll be getting my DW (pronounced dee-dub) fix while they do several shows all over the state.
If you're not from Utah, you may not know what "Days" are around here. This was one of those things I had to learn about once I moved here. Every town, no matter how big or small, has "Days." Lehi Pioneer Days, Bluffdale Days, Ogden Cherry Days, Pleasant Grove Strawberry Festival Days, etc. Well, this past weekend was Draper Days, and DW played the main stage on Saturday night. And it was just plain awesome!
Here's some of the evidence-
This picture (below) is one of my favorites. What you may not know yet about DW is that they are so much more than just another band trying to make it big. All 3 guys …

Nothing Good Ever Came Easy

Nothing good ever came easy. You have to work at it to make it worth it. And a dozen other cliches about getting outside of your comfort zone.
And I couldn't help but think about a few friends and situations recently where certain individuals chose to take the easy way out. They just didn't want to put forth any effort. Why should they? There's an asbestos lining to every pretty cloud, right? If it isn't completely convenient and handed to you on a silver platter at just the precise time, there is no point in trying is there?

I'm so glad I don't think this way. Ever. 
This week a friend discovered something new about me and commented that I am an "onion with a million little layers." I laughed and said it was more accurate to say that I have a short attention span and like to try new things. And that was when it hit me. Its not so much that I go searching out so many new things. Its that I'm not afraid to put forth effort to try the things offered t…

All You Single Moms Have My Respect

To all the single moms- you have my respect and my support.
I don't know how you do it. You work all day, and come home to work some more. And there's no one there to help you do the big stuff.
Today was yet another hang out day for me and Little. (We went to the new water park, Cowabunga Bay, in Draper. If you are thinking of going- GO! Its way better than Cherry Hill or 7 Peaks. And better priced!) After just 3 short hours with her I was exhausted. Granted, most of it was the constant sun, water slides, and running up and down stairs.
But still...

I have no idea how you do it all. I salute you!

Why Dallin is My Favorite Nephew (shh... don't tell Porter!)

From my sister--

Last night Dallin was hyper running around and eating up my strawberries before I could dip them in chocolate.  I slapped at his hands every time he snatched one.  He also ate a couple of carrot sticks.  He jumped up to the sink and drank out of the faucet.  He wiped his face and ran a few steps and suddenly turned around with a horrified look on his face.

"I lost my tooth!!"

This tooth had been wiggly for about a month.  Dallin repeated, "I lost my tooth!"  He really lost it.  He doesn't know when it came out.  Was it when he was eating carrot sticks (I was slapping his hands away then too, I was trying to make a vegetable platter), or was it when he was eating strawberries or when he was drinking?  Did he eat it??  Did he drink it? We don't know.

This was very upsetting to him.  I think it was a combination of things.  First, it was only his second tooth to ever loose and kids always seem a little shocked when a tooth comes out.  Second, …

I need dog owner advice

This whole dog owner thing is getting to be a bit complicated for me at times. I'm going to be honest. I'm only going to give you some vague pieces to this story. Its the dog's behavior that matters, and not mine. And I need some advice!
My family has had dogs, so I'm not totally new to this scene. But we never had a dog this big, and usually we had 2 dogs- so they always had a playmate around.
Something I have discovered about my dog is that she is incredibly social. She LOVES to play with other dogs. One of the first things I learned about her is that in the morning after we take our morning walk is that she would come in the house, sit by the big living room window, and cry and whimper as the other dogs went by on their walks. It was really really annoying. But one morning it was beautiful out, so I sat on the front steps with my dog and let her "socialize" with the other dogs as they went by. She's made several friends this way. In fact, several dogs…

Send Me To Antarctica- SERIOUSLY!

Quark Expeditions is looking for an official blogger to join a voyage to Antarctica. (I'm not making this up.) So they are holding a contest for bloggers, and I have entered.  And I really need your votes. I need you to read my absolutely fabulous list of reasons why you should vote for me, and then GO VOTE VOTE VOTE. And then, to show me your love and support, I need more help! I need you to put this on your Facebook pages, Twitter, and blogs! Tell everyone! Help me get tons and tons of votes! I don't just want to win this competition. I WANT TO KILL THE COMPETITION.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Vote For Erin to Go to Antarctica

1.I think we can all agree I'm never going to meet a man in North America. Antarctica may be my only hope.

2.Admit it, you know you can't wait to read about my personal encounters with penguins. They will be legendary.

3.You'll be able to tell your friends that you know someone who went to Antarctica.

4.If you vote for me, all your wildest d…

And the #1 Reason I Like Going to Reno...

... is comments like this from Porter.

Porter: Aunt Erin, can I sleep with you tonight?
Aunt Erin: Yes!
Porter runs rapidly from the room, down the hall to his brothers, and loudly and announces in his best "I won the lottery voice" : Hey Guys! I get to snuggle with Aunt Erin tonight!

And now for the cuteness in pictures.

Tell's AWESOME bedhead
Its a good thing you can't see where Porter put his hand, or this picture would be NSFW.
 Sometimes they even look like they like each other when they hug. 
And just to keep the tradition alive (and to show off my cute new haircut)
A brief comment about my tan- we went out rafting in the blazing sun and wore 50spf sunblock. I really thought I'd walk away as white as always with 50spf on. But much to my surprise my arms are darker than ever before!

More Peculiar Conversations With Porter

Visiting the G Family is always interesting. The boys change so much between visits that it is always fun to see what they will do and say next. It is interesting to see which boy will want the most Aunt Erin time. And in the case of Porter, it is always curious to see exactly how well he remembers me. He knows who I am. But sometimes he just sort of forgets that I know who he is too, as evidenced below.

Porter: Aunt Erin, I have a dog named Ruby.
(they've had Ruby for 2.5 years. she and i are quite well acquainted.)

Porter (after I had been in town, but not yet to their house, for several hours): Mom! Can Aunt Erin come play at our house?

Porter: Aunt Erin, did you know my Aunt Erin came to my house and built a fort with me?
Aunt Erin: Yes, I remember that. Do you want to build a fort again tonight?
Porter: No, I just want to snuggle in your bed.

Bewildering Conversations with Porter and Leah

While I am here in Reno visiting the nephews, I think it is only appropriate to bring you just a taste of the bewildering conversations we get to witness between 4 year olds Porter and Leah. Porter, as you know, is my excessively blond and cute nephew, and Leah is his cousin, best friend, partner in crime, arch enemy, and the owner of the cutest dimples in the west. These two are so close that like twins, they speak their own language, and while seemingly always understand each other, the rest of us rarely understand them.

While watching the fireworks last night...
Leah (in awe of the fireworks): Porter, I just don't believe it!
Porter (in complete seriousness): I believed it. Two times! (holds up two fingers for emphasis)
Leah (with total respect in her voice): Oh!

More conversations to come...

Don't Worry, I Didn't Die or Anything, I Just Got Busy

I can't recall if I have ever gone 5 whole days without blogging before. Shocking, I know. I didn't die or anything. I just got busy. Between 2 cats, a dog, a 4 bedroom house, and a million other things to take care of, sometimes, I just get busy.
I had something I was going to blog tonight. But I can't really remember what it was. It was funny though, and involved a conversation between me and Little. Oh well. Maybe later.
About 20 minutes ago I started getting seriously sick. I'm guessing it was the hot dog I ate at the RSL game tonight. Between massive nausea, a gurgling stomach, and a brain that refuses to stop thinking about all the big changes coming, I have a feeling sleep will not come easily to me tonight.
In other news, today I had the fun experience of breaking into my own house. I locked myself out accidentally while walking the dog this morning (just one more excellent example of ways I am not a morning person). It was shockingly easy to break into my own …