Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bewildering Conversations with Porter and Leah

While I am here in Reno visiting the nephews, I think it is only appropriate to bring you just a taste of the bewildering conversations we get to witness between 4 year olds Porter and Leah. Porter, as you know, is my excessively blond and cute nephew, and Leah is his cousin, best friend, partner in crime, arch enemy, and the owner of the cutest dimples in the west. These two are so close that like twins, they speak their own language, and while seemingly always understand each other, the rest of us rarely understand them.

While watching the fireworks last night...
Leah (in awe of the fireworks): Porter, I just don't believe it!
Porter (in complete seriousness): I believed it. Two times! (holds up two fingers for emphasis)
Leah (with total respect in her voice): Oh!

More conversations to come...

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