Saturday, July 04, 2009

Don't Worry, I Didn't Die or Anything, I Just Got Busy

I can't recall if I have ever gone 5 whole days without blogging before. Shocking, I know. I didn't die or anything. I just got busy. Between 2 cats, a dog, a 4 bedroom house, and a million other things to take care of, sometimes, I just get busy.
I had something I was going to blog tonight. But I can't really remember what it was. It was funny though, and involved a conversation between me and Little. Oh well. Maybe later.
About 20 minutes ago I started getting seriously sick. I'm guessing it was the hot dog I ate at the RSL game tonight. Between massive nausea, a gurgling stomach, and a brain that refuses to stop thinking about all the big changes coming, I have a feeling sleep will not come easily to me tonight.
In other news, today I had the fun experience of breaking into my own house. I locked myself out accidentally while walking the dog this morning (just one more excellent example of ways I am not a morning person). It was shockingly easy to break into my own house. Like WAY too easy. I did it in under 5 minutes and with improvised tools I found in my own front yard. It was a little disturbing. So now I need to find a way to make my ground floor windows just a little more burgler proof. (Don't try and tell me alarm systems work. They just tell you someone got in. I have a dog for that. A dog makes noises BEFORE they break in. Alarms make noises AFTER. My dog kindly lets me know any time anyone gets within 10 feet of my house. If you are walking another dog, she'll let me know when you get within 20 feet. If you are the human walking with one of her doggy boyfriends, she can sense you the minute you open your own front door, 3 streets away, and will start begging to go outside immediately.) So without going so far as to put bars on my ground floor windows, how can I make them more difficult to get into? I'm thinking prickly bushes would help make a good deterrent.
Crap, I just realized its after 1 am, and there are no sheets on my bed. And that I fly out of town in less than 8 hours and I haven't packed yet.
Happy 4th, people. Have a good one.


  1. It does feel weird to go five days without blogging. However, at the end of it I find that there are like 10 posts in my head and so I write them all out at once (sometimes changing some of the dates manually) and it is a huge stress relief. Of course, others might think it is overkill.

    Have a fun trip!

  2. Good luck securing your house. Sorry I don't have any suggestions.


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