Saturday, July 25, 2009

I guess I got busy again

Have I mentioned my love for a busy Saturday recently? Tomorrow (today?) I'm determined to get just as many necessities done as luxuries. Or in other words, do the yard work, paint the dresser, clean the house, buy groceries, AND go see Harry Potter and get a pedicure, all before 5 pm when I go help a friend move. Which considering how long Harry Potter is, will be quite a feat. Totally doable!

So why and how was I busy all week? Well, if you noticed last Saturday there was a Due West concert in Draper. On Monday there was a DW show in Ogden. Tuesday in Orem. Wednesday in St George. Thursday in Farr West, and Friday in American Fork. (These boys work hard for the money!) I was at the Monday, Thursday, and Friday shows. "Little" was at Thursday and Friday as well. She asked me tonight if we were groupies. I said I prefer to think of us as the entourage. She said, "Good, because my brother says bands don't like groupies." Later, Little was getting her new DW shirt autographed, and Tim put a little heart on it for her. I'd say this band likes its "groupies."

Oh, and in other "Due West Spoils Little" news, they played a morning radio show this week, and gave her a little dedication and shout out during her favorite song. I think her brother just might be a "little" jealous!

One more DW thing...
So tonight DW was opening for the Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers. (It is after all Pioneer Day here in Utah.) Two things happened I have never seen happen at any live music event before. First, a girl walked right up on stage during the show, straight up to the lead singer/head of the show, and whispered something to him. He looked a little surprised and confused, and then said into the microphone something about how they were going to do something different, and it could either be really cool or wierd. He handed the mic to this girl, who introduced herself and said how this was her favorite song. And then sang it! As Matt put it after the song, "That was the gutsiest thing I have ever seen in my life." If you are curious, she did a really good job. In fact, she got a standing ovation- partially for being so good, and partially for her guts to just walk up on stage and interrupt like that! 

And if that wasn't gutsy or odd enough for you, halfway through the show, the lead singer (jason deere) introduced a guy in the audience, and invited him to come up and say something. The guy's name was Grant, and he gave a quick intro to himself, and then invited his high school sweetheart to come up on stage. She looked terrified! I think the audience caught on when a few of the men on stage moved back a few feet to give them some room. Grant kept it short and sweet, and proposed right there on stage! The band insisted the couple stay and dance together on stage, so they got their own personal serenade to "I Must Have Loved You Before" from Tim Gates (a truly beautiful and appropriate song).

So there you have it- two things I have never seen before! An on-stage proposal, and an audience member having the biggest cajones in town. Kinda crazy! And definitely memorable!

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