Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A "Little" Fun With Splatter Paint

It is no secret that I don't care for normal, typical, beige, comes-from-a-furniture-store furniture. I like my furniture to have a little personality. I'd rather buy antiques or old second-hand furniture, and fix them up to fit my style, than try and find my style in a store.
I've been in need of a dresser for the room that we currently call "Little's Room," that will also some day be the room that a foster child will sleep in. (But, as Little will gladly explain to you, the foster child will only share her room until the foster child gets to decorate and paint their own room.) Not to mention my brother (who is living with me now) has been in need of a dresser for a while. So we went to Deseret Industries (lovingly known in Utah as D.I., which is basically the equivalent of Salvation Army) to pick out a dresser. We found your typical, tall 5 drawer, brown, wood, ugly, ancient knobs, dresser for $15. It had some significant dings, but nothing a little sanding wouldn't fix. Oh and some child, about 30 inches tall had a field day with a sharpie on one side. All things that don't matter to me and a good can of paint.
Today Little and I went to work painting the dresser to match her bedroom. You remember her bedroom, right? The one with the purple walls and gumballs hanging from the ceiling? Obviously, not just any dresser can go in this room! Did I mention that room now has a cute twin bed with purple polka dot sheets? And a large, furry, purple, cube thing I bought for a dollar at DI? And Little has taken glow in the dark stars and made a huge "S" on the wall (her real name starts with S)?
So it should come as no surprise to you that we painted this average, ugly, boring, brown dresser a lovely shade of white, and then splatter painted it.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a splatter painted dresser drawer. It will soon have matching lime green knobs. 
And lest you think we are all work and no play-
Those would be my nicely splatter painted legs and feet. The "ribboning" effect turned out really well across my left leg I thought.  (Little took a couple of pictures of my legs, and said she wasn't so sure about this one because, "it kinda makes you look nekkid.")
I do believe that some time next week, 5 months after we started this project, I will finally have her room completed! YEAH! And I will have done it paying cash only, and having bought everything second hand, or at a great discount!

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