Monday, July 06, 2009

More Peculiar Conversations With Porter

Visiting the G Family is always interesting. The boys change so much between visits that it is always fun to see what they will do and say next. It is interesting to see which boy will want the most Aunt Erin time. And in the case of Porter, it is always curious to see exactly how well he remembers me. He knows who I am. But sometimes he just sort of forgets that I know who he is too, as evidenced below.

Porter: Aunt Erin, I have a dog named Ruby.
(they've had Ruby for 2.5 years. she and i are quite well acquainted.)

Porter (after I had been in town, but not yet to their house, for several hours): Mom! Can Aunt Erin come play at our house?

Porter: Aunt Erin, did you know my Aunt Erin came to my house and built a fort with me?
Aunt Erin: Yes, I remember that. Do you want to build a fort again tonight?
Porter: No, I just want to snuggle in your bed.

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  1. Ah! How adorable! Isn't it great snuggling in bed with little ones. I love when Eli comes and snuggles in bed with me.


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