Thursday, July 09, 2009

Send Me To Antarctica- SERIOUSLY!

Quark Expeditions is looking for an official blogger to join a voyage to Antarctica. (I'm not making this up.) So they are holding a contest for bloggers, and I have entered.  And I really need your votes. I need you to read my absolutely fabulous list of reasons why you should vote for me, and then GO VOTE VOTE VOTE. And then, to show me your love and support, I need more help! I need you to put this on your Facebook pages, Twitter, and blogs! Tell everyone! Help me get tons and tons of votes! I don't just want to win this competition. I WANT TO KILL THE COMPETITION.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Vote For Erin to Go to Antarctica

1.I think we can all agree I'm never going to meet a man in North America. Antarctica may be my only hope.

2.Admit it, you know you can't wait to read about my personal encounters with penguins. They will be legendary.

3.You'll be able to tell your friends that you know someone who went to Antarctica.

4.If you vote for me, all your wildest dreams will come true.

5.I promise to bring back souvenirs.

6.I promise to never say “Its frickin freezing in here, Mr Bigglesworth” on the journey.

7.Who else do you know that will take self-portraits in front of icebergs?

8.I promise to do my very own happy feet dance on the ice and video it and share it with you.

9.Who else would Twitter from Antarctica??

10.I get to take a guest and it could be you!

Seriously, why should you vote for me? The person that is elected to take this trip will enjoy a life-changing experience. You can't witness the unspoilt and untouched majesty of Antarctica without something new growing inside of you. Anyone who has traveled to a new culture knows that beautiful feeling where your heart is opened and impressed upon forever. The one thing I can offer you, is that I truly promise to share my journey with you in such a way that you will also feel the range of emotions of seeing a new world.

If you need a reminder about how much you love me and my writing style, here's a few gems to jog your memory. We have reflective Erin talking about how travel has changed her-  Trip to Belgium

We have the Funny Erin Brining a Turkey (still my best read post of all time)
The Real Me (humor) Brining a Turkey

And we have Sappy and Emotional Erin that likes to connect with people-
What It Feels Like to be Single

I will plant a flag on the ice and declare it in your name!


  1. I'll vote for you if you promise not to use the word 'video' as a verb!!

    Sorry. Pet peeve

  2. Okay that was kind of a pain in the tushie... now you HAVE to take me with you if you win.... I voted without even waiting for you to make your promise!!!

  3. Actually, I debated over what verb to use there. You are right. Video doesn't work. But neither does "tape" it, because no tape will actually be involved. Record it? That just seems so... 1970s.

  4. I know... 'record' is the only default and that sounds funny too.

    I guess our new modern world has turned video into a verb... but I don't have to like it!

    When I was a reporter, we'd go into a school and all the kids would beg - "Video me! Video me!" Drove me nuts.

    But I'm picky - if they said "Film me!" I would point out that it was video tape! I'm such a B!tch.

    Maybe it's... "make a video"

  5. "shoot" me doesn't work either, although I like that better anyway. :)

    Erin, I already know someone who's been to Antarctica. She went for 6 months (their "summer") to be a cook. I LOVED her stories.

    I'd enter myself, but I know you're a better writer. :)

  6. Jules5:37 PM

    I was going to comment about the blogger contest and why should win, but I'm so distracted. The word for word verification before I can comment today is "sperma." And that just makes me giggle.

  7. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I say use "lay it down on digital" but that is just my bitter opinion. and why is the word verification "datie"?

  8. I finally stopped procrastinating and voted for you today! I hope you win! It does however look like we need to round you up some more votes.


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