Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Dallin is My Favorite Nephew (shh... don't tell Porter!)

From my sister--

Last night Dallin was hyper running around and eating up my strawberries before I could dip them in chocolate.  I slapped at his hands every time he snatched one.  He also ate a couple of carrot sticks.  He jumped up to the sink and drank out of the faucet.  He wiped his face and ran a few steps and suddenly turned around with a horrified look on his face.

"I lost my tooth!!"

This tooth had been wiggly for about a month.  Dallin repeated, "I lost my tooth!"  He really lost it.  He doesn't know when it came out.  Was it when he was eating carrot sticks (I was slapping his hands away then too, I was trying to make a vegetable platter), or was it when he was eating strawberries or when he was drinking?  Did he eat it??  Did he drink it? We don't know.

This was very upsetting to him.  I think it was a combination of things.  First, it was only his second tooth to ever loose and kids always seem a little shocked when a tooth comes out.  Second, he was savoring that wiggly tooth all month.  Third, would the Tooth Fairy pay him????

Ah, the Tooth Fairy...  While I was hugging Dallin as he was sobbing, I tried to comfort him by saying we could write the Tooth Fairy a letter explaining what happened and maybe she would pay him anyway.  Eventually, his tears dried up and all was forgotten.  Um I mean, I forgot, Dallin did not.

This morning Dallin was rather bummed out that the Tooth Fairy didn't pay him.  Oh, shoot!  "I wrote her a letter?" Dallin said in a sad voice.  Once again, Oh, shoot!  Steve suggested, "The Tooth Fairy sniffs out dead teeth and she didn't smell a dead tooth here.  Maybe it takes her a while to find letters.  Go check again." (have you ever heard the Tooth Fairy described as sniffing out dead teeth!?)  Lo and behold!  A belated dollar awaited for Dallin.  Whew! 

Okay, drum roll please, the part you all have been waiting for!  What was it that Dallin wrote to the Tooth Fairy????

Dear tooth fary
I lost my tooth
I wonder if you can yous your wond
to Poof it Back
Pleas doe
enething to get it

Dallin just plain rocks!

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