Sunday, August 02, 2009

After this you shall hear very little more about my pets

Stinky came home on Friday morning. No big reunion or discovery. I was sitting outside with the dog, and looked up, and my cat went slinking by in the neighbor's yard. I swear to you he looked mad that he got caught. But if he was, he's over it now. Now he refuses to leave my side. I mean my shoulder. He sits on my shoulder and "talks" non-stop. Its like having a really furry and annoyed parrot around.

So yeah- Stinky is back! (And he stinks more than ever. Who knew cats could be so flatulent?)

I decided it was finally time to take all three pets into the vet for their shots today. If Stinky is going to prowling the neighborhood, he needs to be vaccinated, Kaya needed a rabies shot and I was worried Tiny was pregnant. And guess what? Turns out, Tiny is a he. And he's not pregnant. Just fat.


  1. you're such a good pet mamma!

  2. I am so happy for you - Happy Dance that Stinky is in the house :)


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