Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking the Inside and Putting It on the Outside

I took some much needed reflection time yesterday, and escaped to one of my favorite places, Squaw Peak. Its a little overlood spot in Provo Canyon overlooking Orem and Provo, Utah Lake, and beyond. Its beautiful up there. Truth be known, after dark, it is a very popular make-out spot. But during daylight hours, its just a beautiful lookout. I took the dog with me, forgot the sunblock, and went and hung out in the light breezes, cool temperatures, and beautiful sunny skies. It is also a popular launching spot for paragliders. It was a relaxing few hours just watching the colorful parachutes dotting the sky (while my shepherd dog frantically barked at them, unable to "herd" something in the sky).
It never hurts to take a break from life for a few hours and just reconvene with yourself. For whatever reason, I can't feel like that at home. And the only place I can ever feel that at peace, or solace, is up on a mountain, or out on a beach, alone in nature. And it never takes long for those feelings to take hold once I'm there.
In the past week I have been asked three different times about either what "my type" is when it comes to men, or something to that extent. And for whatever reason, those are the thoughts that came to me up on the mountain, rather than the thoughts I had expected to take with me.
So these next two blog posts are in respect to that. I didn't start with "what kind of guy attracts me." Instead, I started even more organically, and asked myself who do I want to be, and if I am that person, what kind of person do I want to have spend my life with me?

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