Sunday, August 23, 2009

The new living room before and after pictures

I guess today is all about before and after pictures. I don't actually have a good "before" picture of my living room. That would be because I never liked it enough to take any pictures of it. I thought it was ugly! I had all free or third or fourth hand furniture, no drapes, nothing good. So now I finally have a color scheme, nice furniture, and a little style! Yeah for a "big girl" house!

So here is the closest thing I have to a "before" picture-

And the midway point-

And what it looks like all pulled together with drapes and accessories, without my dog trying to steal the show-

Much improved, no??

There's still a dozen more things I want to do like get a decent area rug, a nicer entertainment center, and a big screen TV. All in good time...


  1. It turned out great!

  2. Wow. I love the warm red lights the curtains let in!

  3. Lovely. Can I come visit?


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