Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why can't humans stock up on sleep and water like camels do?

Funny thing about taking the HCG- it gives you a ton of energy. And I mean a ton. I loved how good I felt on it, and how much I could get done on it! And now... sadness. I committed to a million projects while I was on the HCG because I had so much energy. I forgot that lovely energy would go away. So here I am, living in a sugar and starch and caffeine free world, without an energy boost, and having to actually fulfill a million commitments. Ha.
But that hasn't stopped me from trying to act like I'm still on HCG this week. Sunday night I had "Little" spend the night (she didn't have school on Monday). And on Monday I worked and then we played. And more importantly we went to the hospital to see Sarantastic and her 18 hr old baby who's internet name is Pebbles. Nothing in this world is sweeter than a brand new baby fresh from heaven. I loved every second of holding her, while "Little" was too intimidated to hold her.
Did I mention that while Sarantastic is out on maternity leave I'm covering her job for her? (another side effect of HCG)
If we're friends on Facebook you may already know that on Tuesday night I very impusively went to a Def Leppard and Poison concert. And took lots of awesome pictures of bad hair on ugly people. Thanks, Jenn C for just as spontaneously joining me!
Wednesday night I decided to join a musical and attended a rehearsal.
On Thursday I found out I would be going to NYC on a business trip and decided I couldn't handle missing that many rehearsals and dropped out of the musical. I think I shopped on Thursday.
Friday night the ladies on my street had an impromptu girls night out. It was great.
Saturday I forgot I'm not made of HCG and went to the farmers market, got a blissful 10 minute massage, some second hand shops, dog park, cleaned the house, did some extra work, and went to a neighborhood bbq.
Tomorrow brings a couple of meetings, plus a choir performance, plus a rehearsal. I have a feeling I will not be getting my beloved Sunday nap.
The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy, but exciting. Little and I will be on the news, plus there's Labor Day (not that I have plans, but still, there's a paid day off of work coming my way! woohoo!), my brother gets back (he's been gone almost 3 weeks), I go to New York, my choir performs twice, plus amidst all this I work my job, Sarantastic's job, and a few freelance projects, and help organize a fundraiser party for Big Brothers Big Sisters. And go to Vegas to help my sister with her new business for a few days. Oh and plan my vacation to Virginia for the end of the month. And some other stuff.
Why am I awake? I could be asleep right now!


  1. I wish I had the energy boost that you had on hcg. I think I"m still adjusting to the lack of caffeine in my body!

  2. Thanks for the awesome advice you left on my blog Erin!!!


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