Sunday, September 13, 2009

Erin's 2 cents on online dating

There was some serious debate and discussion as to whether or not I should blog about online dating. First, do I really want to publicly admit that I've tried it? Second, no, wait, that was pretty much it. Oh and maybe there was some concern on the behalf of a few people that some of the current guys in my life would read this. I say letting those guys know what goes on inside my head can only be a good thing. If it scares them off, well, then better now than later, right??
In the end, Steph H was the one who put it best. "You are in your mid-30s, single, and LDS. Everyone already thinks you've tried online dating. So why not own up to it?"
Meh. Not my favorite logic, but it works.
Let's cover the basics. I work from home. I have no co-workers. I have very few close friends or family in Utah. (Or even non-close friends or family.) I'm in a family ward with a very very limited number of singles (I think there are 2 divorced mothers). My point? I'm up a creek when it comes to meeting new people. But I try. I really do try. And not just to find dates, but to find new friends as well.
Obviously, online dating seems like a reasonable way of meeting new people. And who are we kidding? I work in social media. I'm online all the time anyway. 

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