Saturday, September 05, 2009

Good Customer Service From Sprint

We complain about bad customer service so often online these days, that when I receive good customer service, I want to share that as well.
My Blackberry/phone/lifeline to everything suffered a major malfunction this week. It has been a long time coming. The mini-usb port on the side that is used for charging the device broke. For the last several weeks I've had to wiggle the charger around until the phone acknowledged it. As a result, my phone hasn't been fully charged for weeks. But I've gotten by. Until 2 days ago when suddenly I couldn't get it to charge for more than 2 minutes, and even then I had to be pinching it and holding it 'just so.'
Finally today it gave up the ghost completely and couldn't be charged at all. I have researched spare batteries and external chargers for my phone in the past and found they cost roughly $85! So I went on eBay and found exactly what I was looking for for $14. There was just one major problem, I won't get it from the seller for about 5 days.
Me? Without a phone for 5 days?? Not possible.
So I went down to the Sprint store hoping maybe they could charge the battery I currently have. And I sort of secretly wanted to check out other phone models. I walked in, explained the problem to the sales guy, expecting to have to leave my phone or battery with him for a few hours. Instead, he smiled, said no problem, popped my old battery out, and popped a brand new, freshly charged one in. And then said come back when I need to get it charged again.
That is what I call stellar customer service.
I then hinted I wanted to see the new fancy phone. There was no hard sales push on me- the girl with the broken, older model phone, that should have been the obvious target sale. Instead, the sales rep pulled out his own personal phone (the fancy one), and let me play with it. He showed me the fun bells and whistles. We talked pricing and plans. And then he encouraged me to go home and think about it, and come back when I need the next battery, and check the new phone out again.
No hard sale? No pressure? No making me feel like a loser for not being able to afford an expensive phone on a whim!
I loved it! I admit I was seriously considering leaving Sprint (after being with them nearly 10 years!) for an iPhone compatible service. But after the great customer service today, I'm sticking with Sprint for a good long while more.

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  1. See... you just confirmed my feelings.
    I've been with Sprint since I got my first cell phone in 2001. And as I say... they've never p!ssed me off - which in my book is stellar customer service.

    Many people have tried to convince me to leave Sprint... but I'm thinking I'm just too satisfied to switch.


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