Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday, Pompa!

This week was the 90th birthday of my grandfather. Those of us who do not live nearby we're invited to send cards, "or something" to be shared with him at his birthday dinner party.

Here's my card-

And here's what Natalie's family made (the voices are a bit distorted. Natalie does not actually sound like a man!) Aren't my nephews cute?
My favorite part of the video is Porter in the last few seconds hitting the balloons. 


  1. Oh, that's great Erin Ann! Thanks for posting these happy birthday wishes! I was able to see Pampa last weekend when I was in VA, and it was really great to see both him and Grammy. These were both really cute!

  2. I just got to see them both today. Pampa really is such a sweet man, and I think he wears his age extremely well! Grammy has been so loving and gentle to my kids, and I am so grateful I have them so near!


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