Sunday, September 27, 2009

I choose

It is my belief that sometimes we spend a lot of time looking for signs or answers to our problems. And then, once we receive a sign or answer, we spend even more time refusing to accept the answer and keep looking.
if you are a female, this is when you go directly into "HJNTITY" territory, asking all of your friends for advice and input, dissecting every little thing, and hoping for a different answer. And I'm not just talking about boys and affairs of the heart.
For me, and I can't speak for everyone here, I do this whether the answer is positive or negative. Even when I get what I want, I question it to death, wondering if it is the right way to go. For me it is even harder when my gut says one thing, but the answers all say something else.
But today I choose to do the logical thing. I choose to give up dissecting ambiguities and gray areas. From now on, it is black and white. If it is the answer that makes me happy in both the short term and the long run, I choose it. If it is the answer that only makes me happy in the short term, and not in the long run, I will not do it, unless the question involves Diet Dr Pepper. And if the answer means unhappy in the short term, but better off in the long run, I hereby choose to always do it. 
I choose to not make all things about me.
I choose to judge a person by their actions. 
I choose to believe that there are good people out there, even if they do not think or act like me.
I choose to judge others on the merits they present. Yes, I do choose to judge a book by its cover. If that is how someone wants to represent themselves, then that is how I will treat them.
I will accept people for who they profess themselves to be.
I choose to give all people the chance to be heard.
I choose to accept that just because they are different from me does not mean I am any better or worse than they are. We are all equal.
I choose to believe that I will like all people immediately. I will like them until they give me a reason not to. And then I will give them a second chance. And a third.
I choose to expand my horizons and experience something new frequently.
I choose to accept the answers given to me.
I choose to be happy.


  1. I have been telling my nieces and nephews that everything is a choice, and I love love love that you are using this word. Good for you, my dear. You are one of the strongest women I know, and you are such an example to me. You can do anything, Erin. I know it.

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Good luck with that and not in some bitter sarcastic manner but really good luck to sticking to your guns on this one. While there is no time like the present to start a project are you not one quarter early? Most of us wait till the end of Dec to make these kind of decisions.

  3. Anonymous- I'd say these are more daily affirmations, than new years resolutions.
    I hope I am already living this way. It is how I mean to live and want to live.


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