Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mean Lady Update

My choir sang Friday and Saturday nights. I was on the look out for the Mean Lady. I wanted to make extra sure that I was standing nowhere near her. Thankfully I sat between some new-to-me women who's company I truly enjoyed. In fact, I predict that one of them and I will become good friends in the future.
It turns out Mean Lady isn't even a 2nd Soprano! She was standing over in the 1st Sops. This irritates me even more that she sat there and corrected me when she was the one sitting in the wrong section!
On Saturday night there was a photographer there to take a few group photos. As with any scenario where 300 divas are trying to be smushed into a standing arrangement for 200, there was a lot of talking and extra bossy people. No big deal. It was to be expected.
The director told everyone to be quiet and to listen just to the designated person. Most people did shut up and obey. But I took a little secret joy in seeing the actual director snap at the Mean Lady who was loudly bossing people around and telling them where to stand. She looked completely shocked to be scolded like that.
Yes, I know. Immature of me, but it felt really good.


  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    you should in a bitter fit of rage hire someone to snap her bra Jr school style. or coat the inside of her car door handles in Vaseline. Yea its petty but I try to have my pranks include no real permanent damage.

  2. those are some funny ideas.

    also, i like the new picture.

  3. I'm glad she was shocked back to reality.
    Bossy old nag!

  4. Justice is sweet, no?


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