Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Night in Gotham

Live from New York, its Wednesday Night! (okay, yeah, that was lame)

So here it is, a little after midnight New York time, and I am completely and in every way exhausted. But also in every way very happy and excited.
I left for NYC about 24 hours ago on the red eye. I took some Benadryl just before my flight in hopes of sleeping my way across the country. It worked- a little too well! I fell asleep before the flight took off, and woke up when we landed. I like it like that!
Unfortunately, I was so drugged up still (8 hour Benadryl dose, 4 hour flight- you do the math) that I could barely see straight. So I sat down in a seat in the airport terminal, just a few feet from the jetway I had just walked out of, and fell asleep hard for another hour or so. Let me just say, sleeping in an upright position on the flight, and then in a really awkward position in the terminal, bent over my briefcase, has not done good things for my back and neck muscles!
So I woke up, went into the bathroom to change, and got a good laugh. I walked into the ladies room wearing pink sweats, glasses, running shoes, and bad airplane-bed head. I came out wearing business slacks, a blouse, red trench coat, slicked back hair, jewelry, heels, and make-up. A lady in the terminal witnessed my transformation and called me Supergirl. (and she didn't even know that I was wearing a supergirl t-shirt under my sweats!)
I don't feel like giving the whole travelogue here, and that's not what you came for is it? But trust me, you want to keep reading. Why? Because my story will include Jerry Seinfeld in a minute.
So I went to work, which is the whole reason I am here obviously. Met with my team, talked to people, and did my big presentation regarding a big crazy huge marketing campaign I created. It got accepted by the team, and we're excited to move forward. This campaign will now be consuming my life for the next 9 weeks. I'm excited and completely terrified at the same time. More on that craziness later.
Having just been to NYC back in June, and knowing that I'll be making regular trips out here in the future, I wasn't feeling the need to go do anything very touristy. All I really wanted was a (Diet) Coke and a slice, and some downtime in my hotel room. A little peace and quiet away from the dogs, cats, and crazies in my house back home! But I heard on Twitter on Tuesday that one of my favorite comedians, Marcus, would be playing at the Gotham Comedy Club Wednesday night, and I couldn't pass that up. Its hard to get tickets to see him play in Utah, because he sells out. So I jumped on the chance to see him play at a fairly famous club in NYC.
I headed down to the club alone, not really knowing what to expect. And let me just say, there is no way I could have guessed what would happen next.
Having arrived solo, I was seated with two other single solo girls at a table right in front. One was visiting from Rhode Island, the other is on an exchange like program from England. We all hit it off nicely and enjoyed chatting. The first 3 opening acts were pretty good. At the end of the third opener, and presumably the last opener before Marcus, the emcee came back up and simply said, “Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes here at the Gotham Comedy Club we are honored with a few surprise celebrities and guests. You never know who you might see her.” (strange pause) “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr Jerry Seinfeld.”
Suddenly, out of the freaking blue, Jerry Seinfeld himself walks out of the crowd and takes the stage. The audience had no idea how to react. There was a lot of laughter, cellphone pics, and just general amazement. There was Jerry Seinfeld!! THE Jerry Seinfeld!
There are HBO specials of his stand up work! He's one of the most famous comedians our generation will ever know. And suddenly he was standing there less than 5 feet from me, working a stand up bit.
He was hilarious. It was obviously all new material he was trying out. A few of the jokes were only so-so. But for the most part, the audience was roaring with laughter. He even used a cheat sheet at one point to help him through his jokes. He mocked people who use blackberries and Twitter a lot. Um, I resemble that remark!
I got a couple of quick pictures on my cell phone, but honestly, it felt wrong to be doing that. I noticed that when someone would hold up a camera, he turned away. So I didn't try very hard to get better pictures.
He looked just like “Jerry” always looks- white tennis shoes, jeans, and a button down shirt untucked. After a few minutes into his set, one of the girls at my table turned to me and said, “Am I delusional, or is Jerry Seinfeld really standing 4 feet from me with his fly unzipped?”
And then I looked closer. OMG. Yes, there it was. Only visible to our table with the stage right view when he'd lean forward and his untucked shirt would fall forward. Not only was his zipper down, it was completely and totally down. We're talking I could see his shorts down. Down down.
I saw Jerry Seinfeld, world famous and legendary comedian, do a secret and spontaneous set, with his fly down. You just can't make this stuff up!
(oh and marcus, who did finally go on after jerry, was hilarious as well.)
(picture evidence of seinfeld to come later)


  1. that is awesome! how fun for you. seinfeld would be fun to see. but i'll hope he zips his pants up.

  2. jules6:56 PM

    So the world is dying to know: is it boxers or briefs?


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