Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Porter's Picture of the Day

I've been pretty sure my little nephew Porter is one of the cutest kids on the planet since the day the little guy was born. But then one day he started making "ships" out of Legos every day, and then I knew he was one of the cutest kids on the planet. And I'm not biased, so you know it must be true!
In collaboration with Porter and his personal photographer, my sister/his mother, Natalie, I will now be bringing you the occasional Porter's Picture of the Day of his beloved ships. He makes his little ships from scratch each morning, and gladly brings them to whatever audience will have him for praise and adoration. If you are lucky, he'll explain all the important parts, like the afterburners, and the landing gear, or where Darth Vader sits.
And as his unbiased aunt, I have to say, he's made some pretty incredible little ships for a 4 yr old!

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