Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pure, Unadulterated MayorJuliani

True to my word I will now be blogging about the wonderful and incomparable MayorJuliani. I made a deal that if you would submit your photo to my company photo of the week feed I would blog about you. Jules did it, and here's her blog post.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Juli/Jules/Mayorjuliani/Julipalooli/Julipalooza is one of a kind, even if she does have 5+ names (she also answers to Mom, Mommy, Hey You, and in theory Julianne, but the truth is, I've never heard one person call her by her full name). Jules and I have known each other for approximately 12 years now. And I have to say, life hasn't been the same since the day she walked into our shared bedroom and we agreed that didn't care if kept it clean or not. Life is too short to worry about clothes on the floor. A few months later my mother came over to surprise me for my birthday by cleaning up our whole house and leaving a present for me. But instead when she saw our bedroom she realized her plans to clean our whole house wouldn't happen, and she would barely have time to clean just our bedroom. Juli and I were both shocked to come home and find our beds made that night.

Things you don't know about Jules.

She's married to that guy.

She has really good graffiti handwriting.

She lets her daughters dress themselves.

If you make her a scarf, she will wear it. 

She has been rebuked (more than once) for activities in a Walmart.
One of her daughters once pole danced in a mall window.
She's a published novelist.
She's currently a full time student, mother, and volunteer.
She likes zucchini, but has never been heard to call it zucchini. She calls it bikini.
Has one of the dirtiest minds I have ever encountered, but she chooses to share it with a selective few.
Refers to her husband as the Big Hairy Man.
Is an awesome friend, loyal to a fault, and incredibly forgiving and understanding.

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