Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Up, down, and all around

The last few days have brought a lot of unexpected developments into my sheltered little world. A few quick glimpses-
1. My quiet little world from home job suddenly wants me in NYC for a week each month. I'm very happy to do it, but it is also a huge change of pace and time expenditure for me. (Anyone want to visit me in NYC? I've got a fully paid hotel room!)
2. I have really enjoyed my first month of working with the Big Alliance organization. (They are an all adult arm of Big Brothers Big Sisters that does fundraising and service projects in the community.) In just this one short month I have been involved in planning an event (taking place this upcoming Saturday), and now will be involved in several more upcoming events. For those of my friends and readers who knew me in my old life back in DC, this is a familiar place for me. I have missed being involved in events and activities. It is nice to be able to do it for a good cause now (and not just for singles looking for dates). I have very little reason to be aware of the community around me sometimes. It is nice to have a reason to care again, and to be learning more about my community again.
3. I have set a goal to write at least 100 more pages in my book between now and Christmas. Think I will actually do it this time?
4. While in NYC last week I pitched a very out of the box and unusual marketing plan to my company. This will be a huge undertaking, and one with amazing potential and payoff. And the burden is all on me to make it happen! I'm very ready and excited to be up for the challenge. But I'll be honest with you. It is NOT easy to work from home sometimes, especially in social media, and to keep motivated and on task. Even when there is so much at stake! There are times when I miss being in a buzzing office environment with a little more accountability. I could really use that right now to get this project underway!
5. I have two major and very unusual side business projects in progress right now. Those two things alone could fill up a dozen blog posts! (and maybe some day will)

amended late Tuesday evening- And oh yeah! Sometime in the next few months I'm getting a foster kid!

So just a little craziness going on around here.


  1. jules7:10 PM

    This sounds just right!

    I have skymiles. H&M is calling my name...

  2. Erin! This all sounds SO amazing!! I'm happy for you and you can do it!:)

  3. I know what you mean about working from home. It's so hard to separate work and home when they're in the same place--work seeps into the time off, guilting you into working long hours, and home seeps into work (for me, more the latter than the former, really, because my cats sit and stare at me, for example).

    I just started a day job a couple weeks ago (yay for paying rent on time! yay for eating!) and it makes SUCH a difference in my ability to organize my work life. Home life, still just as disorganized as ever (in fact, the dishes are currently overflowing the kitchen sink) but at least one part of my life seems to be getting the kinks ironed out of it!

    Long way to say: I sympathize. It can be tough.

  4. Stacer, I have often said that the perfect job for me, or lifestyle for me, would be to have a simple little day job in the mornings, like 10-1 or something, pouring coffee, or working retail, or something equally easy, just to get me up and running. And then I could come home, do my real work (which in this daydream would be writing), and stay focused. Just having those few hours or reasons to get up, get dressed, and moving make such a huge difference. As do forcing time constraints on myself.
    I currently work from about 7-4 each day (I have to be on east coast time). I almost always run out of the house as fast as I can after 4 pm. I just have to get out!


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