Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who needs a blog when you have Facebook and Twitter? (and phones, and texting)

I have a confession to make. It's 8:47 pm and I'm in bed. No, I'm not sick. I'm just exhausted. It has been one long week.
Remember way back when when I first started this blog how I was doing all sorts of fun things? I'd go on weekend camping trips, or go to Duck Beach for a week? And all of the fun dinners and parties I went to? What happened to all that?
My life is so incredibly different now that I barely remember how it is I ever used to do all of that. My weekends now are spent gardening, cleaning the house, and grocery shopping. I varely recall that I used to be the queen of midnight shopping trips. Granted, that was all back in a city that had 24/7 grocery stores, as compared to my current grocery store that has an awesome sign up that says "24/7, closed Sundays."
So you'll have to excuse me a bit when I say this past week felt something almost like the old me, and yet, was nothing like the old me.
Monday- work,work, work. Pick up Little for the unusual school night sleepover.
Tuesday- wake up at 4:45 am, wake the kid up at 5 am, head into the city to be on the 6 am news. Why? Because we're cute. And we were doing a promo spot for Big Brothers Big Sisters every ten minutes for a few hours. Little loved it. Even my dog got to do her own promo spot and be cute.
Tuesday night- put on my sparkly pink shoes and head over to Heidi's house. I was really just going over to babysit while she and Dave went out. But since her kids think my name really is Fairy Godmother, I had to go in Fairy Godmother-lite clothing. I had on a fancy necklace and the sparkly shoes. You'd be amazed the powers I have over small children who think I'm a magic fairy godmother. Oh and then Heidi and I stayed up talking till 11:30.
Wednesday- I worked 14.5 hours. And cleaned my house for my brother's triumphant return home from south Texas. And made dinner for a neighbor who just had a baby.
Thursday- I worked, I shopped, I did lunch. And on my way home, my neighbor called to say her 4 yr old's princess party needed a little excitement. So I ran home, put on my fairy godmother costume, sparkly shoes, tiara, and wand and bravely walked across the street (where, oh yes, it must be added, I stopped traffic! Someone was driving by, and literally stopped to turn and look at me in my get up.). I played fairy-princess-godmother-queen games with the girls for a few minutes, and came back home. You should have seen their little faces when I suddenly appeared in the yard. Their jaws all dropped and they all stood still for a minute. And then they all ran at me in a little princess pack that cracked me up. 2 of the little princesses (including the birthday girl) know me. But the other girls were all very willing to call me Fairy Princess Godmother. I think the cutest part was that the little princesses all ran off and picked my "flowers." The flowers were really just some weeds from a neighbor's yard, but still it was very cute.
All in all, a fun and busy week in progress here. And now you know why it is 9:15 and I'm ready for bed.

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