Sunday, October 25, 2009

HCG Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

Well, this round of HCG has finally come to an end. You can read about my first experience with the HCG diet here. And here you can learn more about the HCG diet from the company I bought from and recommend.

Now for the moment of truth.

You have seen my before pictures-
(I hate this picture now!)

How it looked after I lost the first 20 lbs!

And how it looks after losing another 18!
(how nice of my dog to try and butt in to 2 of the pictures. I guess that's what happens when I spend too much time by the front door and don't let her out!)

Because I did put about 4 lbs on between rounds and things haven't really settled down yet (it takes a few days back on normal foods to know where you are going to land), I've only lost about 30-35 lbs. I can live with that! I lost a total of NINE INCHES off around my waist! I love it!

I am donating my old clothes to both Janae and Juli who are both on the HCG diet as well (36 lbs off for Janae, and 20 for Juli so far!). I am currently down to exactly 3 t-shirts, 2 sweaters, 1 old coat, 1 party dress, and 1 pair of jeans that fit. Not one other thing in my closet fits me without being obviously a size or two too big! Thankfully I'm headed to my fashion mothership next week and plan to buy several new outfits. Until then, don't be surprised if you see me holding up my pants funny.

I am still 18 lbs away from my high school weight. I am currently exactly what I weighed 10 years ago when i got diagnosed with a thyroid condition and slowly but surely started gaining weight. Not one diet ever has ever made me lose more than 8 lbs. I have always been able to lose 8 lbs just to put it all back on in one cheeseburger dinner. (Not joking!) This is the first diet I have ever successfully completed where I have lost the weight and kept it off. In the interest of full disclosure, I was also given the "all-cured" on my thyroid condition last April. For the first time in ten years, my thyroid is fully functioning and normal. I think because of that my body was finally able to lose weight. And knowing my body and my shortcomings, this diet was the only way that would happen.

So now I enter into the next phase. Essentially it is what I call the "no-white" diet. No white foods- no sugar, no flour, no rice, no potatoes. I'll do that for as long as possible (which may not last long since I'll be in NYC in a week). As of right now I plan to go back on the diet just after Christmas. (load days over christmas should be perfect!) If I can lose another 15-20 lbs then, I will be down to my high school and pre-thyroid condition weight. And that, my friends, would be amazing!

One funny sidenote to mention- today I was a substitute teacher in Primary/Sunday School for 7 year olds. We were in the middle of discussing the all important Halloween costumes when one of the little girls looks right at my tummy and says, "Are you having a baby in there?" I said "No, but thanks for asking." (in a very sarcastic tone that the kid totally missed). The other teacher standing nearby looked me over and said, "I don't know why she asked that, you really don't look it." Thank goodness!


  1. With the pumpkin picture above this post, it almost lends a hint to you being bulimic since you lost the weight so fast. I know that isn't the case. I'm happy for you. Good luck with the foster care. It sounds like you are making some progress there too.

  2. VERY nice work on the diet!! That's amazing!! And I wouldn't take to heart the 7 year old's comment... when you're that age, and Mormon, every older woman is pregnant!

  3. Great job. And kids just ask those things, even to skinny people. Her mom is probably having a baby.

    By the way, I have those same poppy flower stickers from Ikea in my kitchen :)

  4. Well done!

    I was just thinking that if I ever got back to my high school weight, it wouldn't be good for me at all. I was a late bloomer and didn't finish growing until I was 19, so at my height (5'9"), my HS weight of around 125-130 would NOT be good for me. lol!

    You look great. :) Good luck on the "no white" resolution!

  5. Wow! You look amazing! I really need to do this.

  6. CONGRATS! You always looked fabulous but now you look even more fabulous! :)

  7. You look great Erin!! Seriously, I'm so impressed! Also, don't worry about what that kid said. I babysat Katrina's daughter Juliet this week, and all she kept doing was pointing to her tummy, then mine, and saying "baby." I think that's because KB just had her baby. Also, I didn't know you had a thyroid condition! So do I!!!

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