Monday, October 19, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye I'll Be There

A long long time ago, before I can remember... I used to be this girl that was so busy all the time that I stopped buying groceries because I realized I was never home and I was just wasting money on food that rotted. And then 2.5 years ago I moved to Utah and became the most boring person known to man? Yeah, fun times.

But then about a month ago I decided to bring back the real me and resurrected my old lifestyle. It started with my cousin-in-law Sarah and her baby, Finlee, coming for a short visit. They left on a Monday night, and I flew to Virginia on Tuesday. I was in VA for a full week, came home on Tuesday, and my sister and nephews drove in from Reno on Thursday. They introduced me to RockBand. I'm in love. They left today.

It has been a lot of fun, but oh my goodness am I tired!

Next up- 2 weeks at home (a very busy two weeks) before I go off to NYC for a full week. Followed by barely any time to get ready for my home inspection for foster care. A few days to recuperate, and then, tada, its Thanksgiving. And you know what happens when Thanksgiving hits, you wake up and its Christmas (and then my birthday, but since I'm in denial about the age I will be this year we're going to pretend I'm not having a birthday).

Can someone tell me how the heck I went from September to Christmas without taking a breath??

So what am I doing tonight (having worked 9 hours, played a few last times with the nephews, trained my sister on a new program, took Little out, and attended a Big Alliance meeting)? I'm doing what any normal girl would be doing at 10 pm. I'm watching "The Right Stuff" in my bed.  Favorite line of the night? "We ARE the monkey!" But sometimes its, "Request permission to relieve bladder." Its amazing how often I say that, and people have no idea I'm quoting an astronaut. 

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