Monday, October 26, 2009

Lunchables- Dave W

Welcome to Lunchables Week #2. This week you get to meet my new friend Dave.

Dave W

Current location: Salt Lake City
Occupation: Online marketing
Lunchables location: Eva's Cafe, Salt Lake City
How I Know Him: We are both volunteers with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and the related organization, Big Alliance. We met about two months ago at a Big Alliance event.

David is great at speaking in quotable one-liners, so instead of writing up about what he said, I'm giving you exactly how he said it when possible!

1. Favorite Past Time-
"Being around people in various capacities. It isn't so much the activity itself, as it is the experience. And experiencing different activities."
Also, "solo time." I asked him to define solo time, since I have learned it means different things to different people. His definition, "Solo time is something you could have done with someone else but do alone instead." He claims he has more solo time than the average person. I say, he hasn't seen how much solo time I have!

2. What are you passionate about?
"I'm not good enough at anything to be ultra passionate about anything."
But then he changed his answer and said that he's passionate about experiencing different things with different people. Which is ironic considering he thinks he spends more time than most people doing things alone.

3. What is your favorite memory?
I love asking people this question. You never know what you are going to get. Mostly what I love about asking it is the wistful or happy look they get on their faces. Dave didn't disappoint. His response was hiking Aconcagua (tallest mountain in the western hemisphere) with his father just after graduating from college. Specifically he cited the freedom of having graduated and having no cares, plus that amazing sense of accomplishment you get when you've summitted.

4. What defines you?
This answer didn't surprise me at all. David is a "Big Brother" through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and has been with his "little" for 4 years. What he says defines him isn't so much doing things for the public appreciation, or the words of thanks you receive for volunteering. Its more doing it for the self-appreciation. Knowing for yourself that you are doing it for the well-being of someone else, and not doing it for yourself at all.
His next answer to this same question? 80's movies. And seriously, I think he may be the first person I have met in a very long time that can give me a run for my money in knowing 80's movie trivia and quotes.  Oh and my favorite thing about Dave? We both cite "The Right Stuff" as our first favorite movie.

5. What 5 words define your dating life?
Random, dramatic, surprising, antiquated, and "not awe inspiring." "Its like that Talking Heads song where they say, "how did I get here?" You're looking across the table at this girl and thinking WTF? What am I doing here? How did I get here?"

At which point in the interview Dave decided to channel his inner-John Cusack and start answering me in nothing but movie quotes, primarily John Cusack quotes. Considering he reminds me quite a bit of John Cusack, I found this amusing.

6. Why aren't you married yet?
Way too picky. "I'm still looking for a dare to be great situation."

7. How many types of cheese can you name in 1 minute?
Swiss, Mozzarella, Gouda, Parmesan, Romana, Gruyere, Feta, Cheddar, Cream, Cottage, and Brie

What I Want You to Know About Dave
This is a tricky one. Having only known him a short while, I don't know that much about him. I learned a lot  while interviewing him. I was really surprised to discover how much he and I have in common. I had expected us to be more opposite than similar in many respects. I don't know why, I just did. There were several answers he provided that I would have answered the same for myself. Particularly regarding "self-appreciation," doing things with other people just for the sake of being with them, and not so much about the activity itself. In my own observations of him, I have noticed something he didn't mention. He's very giving, kind, and helpful. And I have yet to hear him complain about one thing. He isn't afraid to jump right in and ask tactful yet personal questions. I'd have to say what you should know about him is that the more you get to know him, you find there is more and more to respect about him and the way he thinks and acts. And he really likes to ask, "Why?" And he says "aggressive" a lot.

Now, this is just for Dave. What is the name of Chuck Yeager's plane that broke the sound barrier? No googling.


  1. Anonymous2:42 AM

    do you mean the Bell X-1 which was the model and type of plane or do you mean the Glamorous Glennis the name of all his planes. Though bitterly two others claim to have beat him through the sound barrier

    NERD trivia rocks

  2. Hi Erin... Great site! I'd love to use your talent for the SMCSLC blog. If you're interested, drop me a line at


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