Monday, October 19, 2009

Lunchables- Steph H

Welcome to the first installment of what I predict is going to be my favorite segment on this new and improved blog. I'm calling it Lunchables. This is where I get to take out interesting and fun singles and interview them for the blog. Why am I doing it? Because I can. And because I think the world is full of interesting and fascinating people, and I want more people to know about them.

Our first Lunchables candidate is Steph H. For some of you, she's going to look familiar. After all, we've been friends for several years now, and back when we lived in the same state, she was a regular fixture on this blog. But now that we live in different states, and I never get to see her anymore.

Steph H.

Current location: Montana
Occupation: 911 operator
Lunch date location: California Pizza Kitchen, Salt Lake City
How I Know Her: I honestly have no idea. One day she was just a name I had heard of, the next we were friends for life.

I asked Steph some pretty straightforward interview questions regarding being single and about herself. But since she and I knew each other pretty dang well, I thought I'd make it a little more interesting by also providing what I predicted her answers to be. Answers in red are mine, black are hers.

1. What is your favorite past-time?
Reading, probably.  I do the most of it. Or listening to music.  But I suppose that quantity doesn't always define enjoyment so maybe I can say 'photography' even though I do that far less.  Then there is kissing, I like that too.  Do you want, like, my top 10 but in no particular order?  Let's go with that.  1) Music, 2)Kissing, 3) Reading, 4) Photography, 5) Hiking, 6) Camping, 7)  Talking on the phone, 8) Eating at new restaurants, 9) Cooking for friends, 10) Hosting a perfect event.
She's going to say sex. I know it. If she doesn't, it will be something closely related to sex, maybe flirting, or just men in general.

2. What are you passionate about?
People.  Without question.  I love them!  As an organism, individually, in gender groups, in sub-cultures---they're just so interesting!! 

See #1.

3. Describe something that defines you. What truly makes you tick? 
Observation, I suppose.  It may seem ironic to those who know me as a social butterfly but even when I'm yammering on about nothing in particular, I'm watching.  From that observation I gain knowledge and, wow, is knowledge what gets me.  I chose my career (HR) initially based on the ability to know stuff about people no one else did.  I thrive on that.  It's not that I like to gossip, I don't.  I just like to hoard bits of information like the elves in that bank on Diagon Alley.

Ooh, this could be interesting. If I wanted to define Steph I'd say it is her fierce loyalty to her friends.

4. Describe your favorite memory.
Wow!  There are so many.   Favorite is so subjective--I have tons of categories and there's a top in each one.  I suppose that my current dearest memory is of my very first niece smiling and reaching for me for the first time.  That recognition and love is totally unbeatable!
I can honestly say I have no idea what her favorite memory will be.  

5. Give 5 words that define your dating life. 
Currently?  It's the word 'finally!'  Don't forget the exclamation point.  I've met a guy who, God willing, I think I'm on the road to a long, great relationship with.

Random, dramatic, trans-continental, wild, passionate.  

6. Why aren't you married yet? 
Well, for several reasons.  I think the chief reason is that I've never been totally in sync with another person I've dated.  By that I mean that one of us has always been pulling the relationship along in order to get it to progress.  When I was being pulled I resented the inability of my partner to listen to my messages saying I needed to slow down or wasn't as excited about the future.  When I was pulling I was totally incapable of hearing the 'I'm not ready's coming the other direction.  In fact, I was in a two year relationship where I was totally sure I would marry the guy.  When he kept saying, subtly, 'I'm not there yet' I just kept replying 'Ok.  I'm sure you'll get here.  Hurry up!'.  Terrible!  But true! I think that women need to be aware, especially in the thrall of a new relationship or the 'perfect guy', of reality. Is he progressing with you? Is he ready to move along?  Does he treat you like you'd really expect him to do so?  And if those things aren't there, it's time to reevaluate.  Hopefully I've learned that lesson and can be in step with my future partners.

I predict her answer to be something along the lines of, "Its not because I don't want to be, dammit!" Or possibly how it would be impossible for a man to pin her down.

What I want you to know about Steph-
This is probably my favorite part about getting to write these little segments. What do I want you to know about Steph? Probably that I've never met a more fiercely loyal and loving and independent person before in my life. When my life hit the crapper a few years ago, she was the only friend to stand by me. I haven't forgotten that.
I always hate the little "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" cliche. I'm more of a believer that when life gives you lemons, you need to learn to eat lemons and like it. And I think Steph is a lot like me in that respect. She has pulled herself up by the bootstraps and gotten herself through a very rough spot over the past two years. She's got moxie. She's got charisma. And the hands down most random and funny thing she has ever said to me was, "I love my kitten, but I swear his butt hole stinks!"

Lessons I Have Learned From Steph-
Sleep is optional. In fact, I'm typing this at 3:30 am late Saturday/early Sunday. And the crazy girl has just texted me to say she will be emailing me after she drives to Utah (from Montana) at 7 am (in less than 4 hours).
An opinion should never be wasted.
A good friend is a friend for life.
Never miss a chance to be there when someone needs you.

And now for my favorite picture of Steph.

For the life of me I don't remember what she was doing, or why I took this picture!


  1. What a great idea Erin! And Steph is just one of the most wonderful people to start with! I was trying to remember how I met her, and honestly I can't remember either! Look forward to future installments of Lunchables!

  2. lol. Of course it's the swimsuit-turban picture. :)


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