Friday, October 02, 2009

She's Going the Distance!

It was only a few months ago that I looked this awful. Part of me wants to tell you that I only kind of looked that bad. It was late at night, I was bloated from a LOT of Indian food and traveling, and that shirt wasn't doing my any favors. And of course, I'm standing next to my stick thin baby sister, which is also not helping things at all.
It was this picture specifically that made me decide to lose weight. I hate the way I look in it.
As you already know, I went on the HCG diet during August and lost 20 lbs.
And now I look like this-

This picture is 20 lbs lighter than the one above it.

And as of today, I am back on the HCG diet, attempting to lose another 20 lbs. And here's a surprise. If I make my goal of 20 lbs, I will only weigh 15 lbs more than my baby sister! (and no, I don't plan to lose even more weight than that. i happen to like myself with curves, just as long as they are in the right places.)

Want to see what I looked like at my baby sister's age and weight?

Oh and that would be the baby sister in the punk rocker outfit. (Why do kids always want to be that for Halloween?) She's probably 6 or 7 years old. I'm roughly 20 or 21. And no, I wasn't in a costume. I just loved wearing that dress. Personally, I think I'm too skinny in this picture. Look at that wretched skinny leg! (and white tights under a red dress? what was i thinking?) And I'll tell you a little secret. I was so thin and flat-chested then that I occasionally wouldn't wear a bra on laundry days. A tight fitting tank top worked just fine for my 28A. So no, I don't want to get back down that skinny again. I'll keep the 20 lbs and a need for a good sturdy underwire.

So stick around, and in about 20 more days I'll show you what 20 less pounds looks like!


  1. Amazing how weight fluctuates. I hope HCG is safe and works for you this next time. You look so young in the bottom photo. Best of luck to you!

  2. Anonymous5:41 AM

    aauugghh that entry left a bitter taste in my mouth. Warn us guys who kinda follow your blog next time. As Fr. Richard Grasso (my HS Latin Teacher and family friend) would say my eyes my virgin eyes, stop the pain.

  3. my mom is looking into hcg. at first i was pretty skptical, but after doing more research, it seems like a good way to loose those pesky 20 lbs. good luck, and good job!

  4. You look beautiful! Always have - always will.
    It is notable though, how happy you look in picture #2!! That's what matters.

    I, on the other hand... am at my reasonable weight (my goal weight is 3-5 pounds lighter - and impossible to reach at my age!) but my muscle is all out of whack. Seriously... I can't believe I'm this out of shape and still be the right weight. It's seriously depressing!

    Good luck! And I'm proud of you for your reasonable goals... keep your curves (and if you can... send me some!)


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