Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sibling Singalong Fun

Let it be known, I love singalong bars. Ever since I stepped into my first one 7 years ago in Florida, I have been hooked. I have introduced many friends to the joys of the singalong bar, including my sister Natalie, who is also hooked. And last night we introduced our brother Scott and his girlfriend Ally. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I had to spend a few dollars to make sure this happened, but getting my siblings up on stage to sing and dance to "Baby Got Back?" Totally worth it.


4 inch hot pink hooker heels FTW!

Ally rocks out to a little Bon Jovi (natalie texts)

3 of Scott's BFF's from high school were in town visiting. It was a bit surreal for me to realize that the boys I used to babysit were in a bar with me. 

And for all you confused parties out there- please notice there's nothing stronger than a Diet Coke on that table.


  1. I try to keep pretty vague and anonymous, but I have to admit that I currently live in Northern Virginia, and I need to know where this sing along bar is! Hook a girl up?

  2. Sorry Jinxie, but I have never found a good singalong bar in DC. I'm in Utah. We were at Keys on Main.

  3. *fistshake*

    I was hoping these were pictures leftover from your recent trip home. Alas.

    Thanks though! I'll file that away for a future Utah trip or something.

  4. If you are ever in Texas. Pete's Dueling Piano Bar is pretty fun. They have locations in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston. We celebrated my friend's 30th at one of the venues. TONS of fun!


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