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Dream Blogging

Is it a cop out to blog about your dreams? Does anyone ever really want to hear about your weird dreams??
Well, captive audience, I'm doing it anyway.

Blame it on lots of cold medicines, 2 very heavy dogs sleeping on me, a late night phone call that set my brain off in an odd direction, a fever, and the cold sweats. I had one helluva dream last night. It isn't so much that I dreamed about flicking a particular person in the head over and over again, or that in the dream I was at a fundraiser for NASA where everyone had to pee into a vacuum and then the pee got recycled into a garden fountain, or that I dreamed multiple times in the dream that I was suffocating and woke myself up (and yet never actually woke up), that I had no problem expressing myself very rudely to a few annoying people, or that the majority of this took place in the Stratosphere in Vegas. The problem is that I dreamed that I killed somebody.

It is really disturbing to me that I would dream something like tha…

Reno 911 (or not)

In spite of a massive sore throat, throbbing sinus headache, sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and the rest of the Nyquil commercial, I'm enjoyed my trip to Reno, home of my sister, brother in law, and nephews.

Things we did in spite of my malady-
went on a Ferris wheel in the middle of a department store rode a mechanical bull (i lasted 9 whole seconds!) (in comparison, my sister lasted 23)cleaned out Old Navycleaned out Michaelscleaned out Ultaand some other storesworked (no, I did not get today off)ate Thanksgiving dinner (truth be told, I was feeling miserable during dinner and barely touched it. However, as fate would have it, I felt better an hour later after a nap when dessert was served, and made up for not enjoying dinner.)skyped my parentscuddled the 12 adorable puppies (7 left! anyone want one? pictures of the cuteness below!)consumed a lot of Alka Seltzer Cold, Benadryl, and Nyquil

Action shot of me falling off the bull in style

Can't tell what you are looking at? Nat…


My abbreviated list of gratitude-

I have family within a day's drive

I am employed I have a home I lovecold medicinemy familymy friends who bail me out of trouble

the opportunity to expand my horizons frequentlyI will soon be a foster mother!the trials I thought would kill me that instead taught me so much more about happinessthe Gospel of Jesus Christthe God-given right to Free AgencyMy dog and 2 cats and their unconditional lovethe opportunity to be involved in the communityMy Little Sister
a sense of humor, even if everyone doesn't get itthat for the first time in my adult life, I have neighbors I really likehopeBeatles RockBandmusicDiet Dr Peppermy grandfather is still alive and made his goal to reach Thanksgivingcreative expression (even if it is lost on some people)

Happy Thanksgiving

Gotta keep up the annual tradition and post my favorite picture!

Not keeping count

I'm still not keeping count, but if I were the scoreboard would look like this-

Joe Fox (F-O-X) +3
No challengers.

Lunchables- Nicole H.

I apologize for the delay in Lunchables. The last few weeks have been crazy, and I haven't been free to go out and lunch with as many fascinating people as I would like to! But I'm sure you'll find this week's person just as much fun and interesting as I did!

Nicole H.

Current location: Salt Lake Valley
Hometown: Kemmerer, WY
Lunchables location: We actually had appetizers and dinner at Thaifoon.

This week I decided to do things a little differently. I can't let my interviewees expect to know what will happen! So this time I just had fun chatting with her, and then sent her an email and let her answer her own questions.

How I know her-
I met Nicole several years ago on LDS Linkup (a social networking site for LDS). Her screen name was BeatlesDiva, which was the first thing that caught my eye. I love the Beatles, how could that not catch my eye? Next, we always seemed to get involved in similar discussions online. And she didn't mind having a good argument. So an onl…

Men, or the lack thereof

I'm rapidly losing interest in both Joe Fox and Harry. Joe was doing so well, but now? I don't know. Nothing really. He's made sounds about wanting to meet, but hasn't made actual moves. A few text messages are not enough to keep the interest alive, you know? He could definitely redeem himself with a little effort. But until then, I've fallen asleep waiting for him.  And Harry? He's gone into hiding or something. No nothing out of him for a while. He's done.
Time to erase the list and start all over. Anyone got a guy they can introduce me to?


Yesterday in Sunday School the topic of honesty was brought up. We discussed how lying or dishonesty has become almost romanticized in the media. I've been thinking about it ever since. I can't think of one TV show that isn't based around dishonesty.
For instance-
Tonight I watched the seemingly harmless "Sonny With a Chance" with Little. The premise? Tricking people and doing under-handed (yet funny) things to catch them telling the truth, since it is assumed they would only lie to protect themselves from being embarassed.
I also watched "Wizards of Waverly Place," "House" and "Castle." (I also watched "Lie to Me" but obviously that one is about lying.) Wizards- the whole point of the show was two of the siblings lying to the little brother in order to keep his tutor around. House- the premise of the show is consistently that patients lie to their doctors, and that House manipulates and lies to everyone. Castle is probably…

Beckerman v Beckham!

5-4  Real Salt Lake- thank you for an awesome season, and congratulations on winning the MLS Cup. I am proud to be a "Real" fan. And I hope to never witness a PK shootout ever again. That was a real nail-biter!

Public Service Announcement

Men, we (the female half of the human race) will never be impressed by your video game playing skills. We will also never be impressed by your video game playing smack talk.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

All you need is love!

This has been a week full of highs and lows. From two friends enduring the awful pain of losing a child, to the joy of celebrating that a barren couple were able to adopt, from job layoffs to marriages, and so much more, this week has been a roller coaster. I am so grateful for the online opportunities that allow me to be aware of my friends' situations so that I can celebrate and grieve with them. I honestly believe that being so much more aware of my friends has helped me to become a more sensitive and compassionate person. I have grown so much from having the opportunities to love and care about others more frequently. I have also truly been grateful for the support and comments from so many people as I have gone through this foster care process.
There are so many more things that now we get to know about our friends that before we would have probably only read in a Christmas letter, or learned about several years down the road. These huge life experiences for our friends used …

Not that I'm keeping score or anything

Current totals

Harry= -1 (yes, negative)
Joe Fox= 2.5

Not that any of this matters.

Drum Roll Please...

Here's what you came to know-

I passed the inspection and interview! In about 4 weeks I will get a form saying I am a licensed foster parent! And any day after that I am eligible to get a child. I will be requesting one particular girl. There is hope that she will be placed with me by Christmas! I am so excited at the thought of getting to provide Christmas for a child. But then, on the other hand, I'm a little scared at the thought of only having a few days to actually get it all pulled together if the placement comes at the last minute! Even if I am not able to get the girl I am requesting, there is a good chance of placement by Christmas. Sadly, many children enter foster care during the holidays due to conditions at home. So, just in case it all does come together, and I am a mom by Christmas, I'm going to go full out and decorate the house, buy a tree, etc. Here goes nothing!!

Also, I can't think of a better day or reason to bring back the happy dance tradition!! …

Who's Keeping Count?

Today I got some very kind and sweet attention from one of my two crushes.(He checked in to make sure all was going well before the big day tomorrow). No action from the other one. And it got me to thinking, maybe I'll start keeping score? Not that it means anything. I would never hold anyone to a completely silly score. But just for fun, I'm going to keep score.

We'll call the first guy, the friends zone guy, Harry (from "When Harry Met Sally"). We'll call the online guy Joe Fox, ("You've Got Mail"). Amusingly, I'm Meg Ryan in both situations! And there ain't nothing wrong with being Meg Ryan.

Harry- 0
Joe Fox- 1

18 hours and counting

You know that right about now I'm going to tell you that I'm a nervous wreck and I've worked my butt off to clean the house and make it perfect. Is it perfect? I have no idea. But its as good as it is going to get.
Thank you to all of you who have been supportive through this process. I can't believe it has taken an entire year just to get to this point. Let's just hope and pray tomorrow goes well. From what I understand the home inspection is just a small portion of the day. The bigger (and much scarier) part is the interview. Approximately three hours of a total stranger asking me very personal and invasive questions all designed to find out if I have abusive (emotional or physical) tendencies, what kind of parent I will be, or if I'm any good at relationships. Normally interviews don't scare me at all. But hours and hours of personally invasive questions? I'm not expecting it to be fun.
So be thinking happy thoughts, and send a few prayers my way tom…

Bock, bock

Its only Tuesday and I'm exhausted! I am running in so many directions at once that I'm really starting to lose track of everything. But hopefully I can catch up and figure it all out, right?!

Tomorrow is the big cleaning day. I've got a pile of work to the ceiling, and as soon as "work" is over I change roles and put the finishing touches on my house. The big scary foster care interview in on Thursday and the house must be perfect!! Let's hope I don't feel like a chicken with my head cut off by then!

Let's Talk About Boys

I love talking about boys. If you know me, you knew that already. And since I'm taking Lortab tonight my filter is turned off and I feel like sharing!

I have 2 active crushes on 2 very different men this week. That hasn't happened in forever. 2 at once! One is a very sweet guy that I am friends with. When we first met he showed some interest, but no action. There was some flirting and after a few drinks one night he hit on me. Sadly, he's been sober ever since. We're most definitely in the "friends zone,"  but I like to think there's still a chance that could be stopped. I get the impression he's interested, but there's something holding him back. Maybe I just need to get him drunk again and take advantage of him?

The other guy is fairly new. You know I have to be on Lortab to admit that I met him on eHarmony. I don't know why I'm always so embarrassed to admit we met through online dating. But there it is. Who are we kidding? I work from…


There was no lunchables segment today. Sorry. Life has been way too busy for the last 2 weeks for me to have the pleasure of finding a fabulous person to treat to lunch. But I did manage to find 2 people to take out for later this week, so we'll be back soon.

I did some more guest blogging on social media today. You can catch me over at the SMCSLC blog.

I have no idea what I did to my back or when I did it, but I've totally wrenched my lower back. Standing hurts, sitting hurts, everything hurts. Everything that is but laying flat on my back with my knees propped up. Sadly, there is almost nothing productive that can be done in that position, except examine your own ceiling. Mine is clean, crack free, and devoid of spider webs, in case you were wondering. Advil and heating pads are not doing me any good. I moved up to the hard stuff today- Lortab. If you were reading my ramblings 2 years ago at this time, you know about my relationship with Lortab. You also know that I should p…

Social Media and Engagement Marketing

If you are in the Utah Valley area and are interested in learning more about social media and engagement marketing (all that stuff I do for a living) and are free on Tuesday night, you are invited to attend a class I am teaching at UVU. Its an actual business course that invites me to come in and teach my specialty once a semester. If you are interested in attending, just let me know and I'll give you the rest of the details. (It is free, btw.)

Also, if any of my friends in the local area don't have a place to go on Thanksgiving, mi casa es su casa. Really, having a friend come over would make it so much better for us!

Bragging about Thanksgiving and Couponing Again

I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving armed with over 30 coupons. As you may have noticed, I am becoming more and more obsessed with couponing! Today I made up my menu for the big day using all coupons, sales, and personal preferences. Everything will be made from scratch except for the green bean casserole. With just me, my brother, and his girlfriend having dinner this year we're going to keep it fairly small and simple.


apple pie
pumpkin pie
cranberry relish
fried apples
Aunt Toots' rolls (family tradition)
green bean casserole
mashed potatoes
"cranberry crack"

Whenever I used coupons I like to make the cashier ring the whole thing up, then run my discount card, and then run the coupons. I've mentioned this before, but I almost always get comments from onlookers about how much I can save. Today was no exception.

Original total: $233
after discount card: $199
after additional coupons $176

Savings: $57

Have I convinced …

Friday the 13th- it might just be cursed!

Today was a day best forgotten. Sadly, it will more likely be a day I'll never forget. It was just a truly no-good, horrible, very bad day.

First, I overslept. Nothing major, it just meant the dogs didn't get walked like they should.

Second, every Friday I have a conference call where I have to show my weekly reports. When I do my reports I have to consult multiple websites, so I handwrite the statistics in my notebook, then type them into Excel. Don't ask me how or why, but somehow when doing my reports yesterday I wrote the correct number in my notebook, and then typed an incoherently wrong number in the reports. Of course, someone caught that one number that was off. And now all my work is getting second guessed and no one trusts my numbers. I've been doing these reports for a year, and have never made a mistake before. But someone sure does love making me look bad. And all that extra hard work I put in this week to improve the stats? No one even noticed.

Next, I wa…

What was the point again?

What was the point of attempting to do a blog post daily for NaBloPoMo? (or whatever it was called) Tonight my sleeping pills have not induced creativity or a tendency to overshare. Instead they are doing their job and actually making me sleepy. Yeah for that!
It occurs to me that its rather silly of me to force myself to do daily blog posts. Its not like I don't write on average 3-4 blog posts daily for work already. Not to mention I'm trying my best (in all that free time I have) to launch a career-oriented blog (feel free to check it out- even though I doubt it will be all that interesting to anyone not in marketing or the social media fields). Why on earth am I forcing myself to write even more?!
And yet, here I am, blogging anyway.
Sadly, what I have failed at big time is NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month). I really did have good intentions there. I just couldn't predict that my life would explode on me this week and next.


My Violin Playing Goat

“It feels like how being in love should be. Floating through a dark blue sky." "With a goat playing the violin.""Happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat."

“True love is your soul's recognitionof its counterpoint in another.” 

“You're why cavemen chiseled on walls.”

"When love feels like magic, you call it destiny. When destiny has a sense of humor, you call it serendipity." 

“I feel like you are the reward for everything I did right in my life.”

"I read once that love is friendship on fire. That's how I feel about you.” 

"I'm looking for a dare to be great situation." 

"You had me at hello."

"You know, that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy. And the only thing in focus is you and that person. And you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life. And for one moment you get this gift. And you want to lau…


This picture is about 5 years old I think. I weigh 20 lbs less now. Woohoo! This was a trade show set up day. I never looked good on set up days. Superhero shirts were a necessity on setup days!

This afternoon I came to the very scary realization that I have, without question, completely overextended myself. I sat down to make up my list of things to do and realized that I have way too many major projects on my plate.

(deleted- I did have the major projects listed and then realized that maybe I shouldn't let everyone know I'm up to!)

Where to begin?!?!  And who is going to do the laundry and the dishes and walk the dogs and get all this stuff out of my living room while I get it all done??

What? You mean I signed up for this life and I have to do it all by myself? Fine, I will. Bring on the Diet Dr Pepper and break out the superhero t-shirts. I got myself into this, I'll get myself through it too.

And now you all know the secret as to why I have and wear so many superhero t…

Live and Let Die

Sometime late tonight John Allen Mohammad will most likely be executed by the state of Virginia. If his name isn't familiar to you chances are that his criminal moniker, the DC Sniper, probably is.
I honestly don't know if I am for or against the death penalty. I don't believe that Mosaic law has much of a place in today's world. I do believe that the Ten Commandments cannot be replaced, but they can be added onto. But does "eye for an eye" truly hold up? In a world where there are other ways to make equal restitution, I just don't know.
But then I come back to thinking about Mr. Mohammad. And I don't believe he deserves to live among men. What he did was evil, unnatural, and absolutely not human. He has no place among humanity. He deserves absolutely nothing beyond a fair trial to determine his guilt. He is God's son and his punishment or forgiveness belongs in the hands of God, and not among men.
In my humble opinion, Mr. Mohammad is one of the…

Lunchables- Laura T!

It would be so easy for me to just interview members of Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Big Alliance. There are some great people there, and I expect that I will introduce you all to many of them! This week I'm bringing you the crowning jewel of our wonderful organization!

Laura T!

Occupation: Awesome staff member at Big Brothers
How I met her: Like I said, she's an awesome staff member for BBBSU. She invited me to my first Big A event. I think we've talked at least once a week every week since then!
Lunchables location: Cheesecake Factory

Since Laura is also a Big Sister, and completely dedicated to the program, I thought it would be fun to bring along Little for the interview. My questions are in black, Little's in purple.

What is your favorite past-time?
She loves to go camping with her boyfriend, Matt. And there's nothing better than reading a book and sitting in the sun, just enjoying the quiet. When not camping, she likes to spend time in the garden (and now I kno…

Joining the Cool Kids Club

I have finally joined the cool kids club and purchased a large flat screen TV. If you need to find me I'll be eating low fat snacks, spending quality time with my DVR, and enjoying a TV that doesn't require a telescope to see. I'll surface sometime next week. Feel free to stop by and bring a DVD with you.

Social Networking FAIL

I received a LinkedIn invite today from a former boss. A boss that I despised working for, and he despised me as well. He told me on more than one occasion to not think so much and just sit at my desk and look pretty. In other words, a guy I would never in a million years use as a reference or want to be associated with.
And yet, he's attempted to add me on LinkedIn.
But here's the kicker. He's listed me as a colleague for the wrong company. In so many ways, I'm not surprised. First, it shows his total lack of understanding as to how social networking works. Second, he still doesn't recall what it is I do! Its tempting to add him, just to write a recommendation on him, explaining how he was a jerk and  added me for the wrong company. Knowing him, he's too clueless to know how to delete a negative comment like that.
But I'm better than that, so I'll just block him instead.

Why just be when you can do?

What does it mean when you wake up with "Back in the USSR" stuck in your head?

I'm back in Utah again, and happily so. There is much to be done over the next few weeks and I'm excited and hopefully motivated to get to it all. I'll spare you the laundry list. Suffice it to say sometimes I have a tendency to really over do it, and these next two weeks may just prove that point all too well.

Why do I feel this constant need to run a million places at once? Is it that I really am pulled that many ways? Or do I just walk right into it and get myself involved in too many things? I'm never really sure.

One thing I do know, today I'm going to enjoy myself. I'm not going to worry about money, commitments, or what I haven't accomplished yet. I'm just going to enjoy getting my house in order and taking care of the little furry beings in my house.

That reminds me... "beings."

A few years ago there was a person in my life who often counseled me t…

Goodbye New York, till next time

Oh my goodness, what a crazy week this has been! I always enjoy visiting New York City, and I always enjoy leaving NYC. There has been lots of shopping, shopping, and more shopping - all at H&M. (I did visit a few other stores as well, but only bought from H&M.) Tuesday night I went out with Georgina, an old friend from my Langley days. We went to a Turkish restaurant in Hell's Kitchen. I'm going to say neither of us really cared for it. Then we walked up to 30 Rock for a little Magnolia Bakery goodness. We discovered that 2 normal looking girls sitting still long enough will get asked to take pictures for strangers at least a dozen times in one night! It was so fun to see Georgina looking so good and happy! I love seeing happy friends!
Wednesday night I went out on a fun last second blind date! The guy was totally great and very understanding that I was shopping, and was kind enough to meet me at H&M. We had a great time chatting and then... Funny story there... S…
If this is working (and I have no way of knowing) I am now able to blog from my phone!!

Waking Up in the City That Never Sleeps

I'm back in NYC for the third time in five months. I've visited my three favorite places- H&M, Pronto Pizza, and Magnolia Bakery. And for the first real time since losing weight, I went clothes shopping. I honestly had no idea what sizes I would wear, and I am still not sure what size I wear! I visited H&M, Ann Taylor, and Macy's, and at each store I wore a very different size. I have a limited budget, so I'm doing lots of research shopping before I actually purchase some outfits. Gotta make sure I'm getting the most versatile and best deal, right??

I admit, its fun. Having no other place to be this evening, I tried on all sorts of outfits out of my price range, and certainly out of my range of necessity. Short, slinky, backless little black dress with pearl loops dangling down the back? Yes, I did that. $475 jeans with rhinestone studded belt loops with a $200 Ed Hardy shirt? Sure, why not. Silky, ruffly dress with stiletto heels? Of course. Its fun to pl…

Lunchables- Intern Kate

Welcome to our third Lunchables installment. I have to admit, I am LOVING doing these. Meeting interesting people and eating good food. What's not to love?

Intern Kate

If you are a country music fan in the Salt Lake City area, you may already be familiar with this week's lunch date. "Intern Kate" can be found on the Keith Stubbs' Show on 101.5 the Eagle in the mornings.

Current location: Salt Lake City
Occupation: Personal Assistant and budding radio personality
Lunchables location: Ruth's Diner in Emigration Canyon
How we know each other: Kate and I met each other via Twitter of all crazy places. Until our lunch date we had never met in person, but had exchanged several Twitters and emails. Now we are regular texting buddies and plan to get together for some fun single girl adventures soon!

Question #1- Favorite past-time
"Radio! Getting to go to concerts, country dancing, or just hanging out at the station!"
Kate is new to radio. If you think being on-air…

NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo

No, I'm not talking gibberish! It just sounds like I am.

I'm taking the NaNoWriMo challenge this month. What's that? National Novel Writing Month. If you take the official challenge and register with their site, you are committing to writing a 175 page novel (or by their counts 50,000 words) in 30 days. (I still recall all too well when our publisher said, "love the book, now go back and add another 50 pages or 25,000 words minimum to it." So I question the challenge just a bit.) So I'm taking my own spin on the challenge, and committing to writing for 1 hour daily for 30 days.

Then there is the NaBloPoMo challenge. That would be National Blog Posting Month. I am committing to writing with intent every day for 30 days.

Obviously if I can keep up with NaBloPoMo you will know.

If I can keep up with NaNoWriMo I will start sharing some of it later in the week (on my very very neglected StoryAnnie blog).

Anyone else taking the challenges?