Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bragging about Thanksgiving and Couponing Again

I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving armed with over 30 coupons. As you may have noticed, I am becoming more and more obsessed with couponing! Today I made up my menu for the big day using all coupons, sales, and personal preferences. Everything will be made from scratch except for the green bean casserole. With just me, my brother, and his girlfriend having dinner this year we're going to keep it fairly small and simple.


apple pie
pumpkin pie
cranberry relish
fried apples
Aunt Toots' rolls (family tradition)
green bean casserole
mashed potatoes
"cranberry crack"

Whenever I used coupons I like to make the cashier ring the whole thing up, then run my discount card, and then run the coupons. I've mentioned this before, but I almost always get comments from onlookers about how much I can save. Today was no exception.

Original total: $233
after discount card: $199
after additional coupons $176

Savings: $57

Have I convinced you coupons work yet??

I know a lot of people like to reduce the overall bill and save money using coupons. I'm the opposite (sort of). I like to still spend my budgeted amount, but get more food! My budget was $200 for the month, plus Thanksgiving.

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  1. That is awesome! Good job. My dad used to own a couple grocery stores when I was growing up and is a big believer in coupons and store specials.

    He'll go as far as to shop at different stores to buy the week's groceries so he can get the best deals. Buying what is on sale at one store, then going to the next store to get the rest of his items that are on sale there, etc.

    I'll use coupons, but I draw the line at going to three different stores to find as many items on my list on sale as I can. Who has the time? Besides a retired man I mean.


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