Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dream Blogging

Is it a cop out to blog about your dreams? Does anyone ever really want to hear about your weird dreams??
Well, captive audience, I'm doing it anyway.

Blame it on lots of cold medicines, 2 very heavy dogs sleeping on me, a late night phone call that set my brain off in an odd direction, a fever, and the cold sweats. I had one helluva dream last night. It isn't so much that I dreamed about flicking a particular person in the head over and over again, or that in the dream I was at a fundraiser for NASA where everyone had to pee into a vacuum and then the pee got recycled into a garden fountain, or that I dreamed multiple times in the dream that I was suffocating and woke myself up (and yet never actually woke up), that I had no problem expressing myself very rudely to a few annoying people, or that the majority of this took place in the Stratosphere in Vegas. The problem is that I dreamed that I killed somebody.

It is really disturbing to me that I would dream something like that! Has anyone else ever dreamed something like that?


  1. Umm, sadly yes and it was also under the influence of medication.

    I read in a dream book once, that killing in a dream meant trying to get rid of aspect of yourself that the person represents. If they are a jerk, you are trying to get rid of the part of you that can be jerky to others. It made my dream less disturbing to me.

  2. Ahhh...there's the silver lining in my dreamless sleep apnea.

  3. I went through a major depressive episode (official diagnosis) a few years ago and had horrific nightmares nearly every night for over a year. It was the combination of a broken brain, sleep deprivation, and not eating enough that did it. I killed people in my dreams and they were so disturbing that I'm glad I don't remember the majority of them. I hope your weird dreams are just medication- and heavy dog-induced. Those kinds of dreams are not fun at all.

    Also, I hope you feel better soon. :)


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