Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday the 13th- it might just be cursed!

Today was a day best forgotten. Sadly, it will more likely be a day I'll never forget. It was just a truly no-good, horrible, very bad day.

First, I overslept. Nothing major, it just meant the dogs didn't get walked like they should.

Second, every Friday I have a conference call where I have to show my weekly reports. When I do my reports I have to consult multiple websites, so I handwrite the statistics in my notebook, then type them into Excel. Don't ask me how or why, but somehow when doing my reports yesterday I wrote the correct number in my notebook, and then typed an incoherently wrong number in the reports. Of course, someone caught that one number that was off. And now all my work is getting second guessed and no one trusts my numbers. I've been doing these reports for a year, and have never made a mistake before. But someone sure does love making me look bad. And all that extra hard work I put in this week to improve the stats? No one even noticed.

Next, I was late for lunch. I rushed out the door and forgot to take my laptop with me. If I had remembered it, I could have just gone to lunch and then to my downtown office space (BetaLoft) and gotten more work done. But instead, lunch was longer than I had anticipated. No big deal, lunch was fantastic (seriously some of the best food I've had in a long time- you have to check out AcmeBurger!), and well worth it. But I was running late, and I hate that.

So then I get in my car and head home. I'm about 10 minutes outside of downtown when suddenly traffic comes to a complete standstill. 2 hours and 45 minutes later I got out of that wretched traffic jam. You can see the pictures I took while stuck in my car going nowhere along the right hand sidebar. 2 hours and 45 minutes of NOT moving, just stuck, completely stranded in traffic. I returned every email I could and made at least half a dozen phone calls. And twittered myself to death!

Thanks to that disaster, I got home just in time for dinner. That's when I remembered I was supposed to take dinner to 2 families that just had new babies. (Actually I was supposed to have arranged for other people to take them dinner, but both arrangements fell through.) So instead of going straight home I went straight to the store to pick up dinner for them. I got home, called them, and guess what? One family did have someone deliver them dinner. And the other family never answered their phone. Great, so I just bought 2 dinners that I can't eat (they contained corn, which i am allergic to). Wonderful.

So instead of getting totally mad at the universe I looked for something else to do with it. I took it across the street to my darling neighbors (Hi B!) who have been kind and shared food and cookies with me in the past. I invited myself right in and played with the kids and talked to B for a while, which actually really helped improve my crappy mood. And I just have to brag that the baby said my name! True, he did learn to say my dog's name before mine, but I'm okay with that. It was very cute to see that he definitely recognizes me and likes me today! He even gave me hugs!

You would think the bad day would end there, right? Nope.

My brother called a few minutes ago. He just got a flat tire on the same miserable stretch of highway I was stuck on today. There's a bunch of construction there and no shoulder. And he's in his new-to-him car and just discovered he doesn't have the right torx key thinger to get the hubcaps off his car. I helped him call a tow truck and even looked up youtube videos to try and figure out how to change his tire. (which i found, but didn't help since he didn't have the key thinger) Seriously, what did we ever do without the internet??

I'm starting to feel like that stretch of road is cursed!!

And then it hits me... Its Friday the 13th! No wonder! It really is a cursed day!!

One last thing, yes, today sucked big time. But you know what? There were good things in there too. Among other things, one of my guest writing spots on social media marketing went up today in Utah Pulse. If you're into that sort of thing, check it out. Also, I've created a new social media marketing blog. If you're really into that sort of thing, check it it out too! I really do love my chosen specialty and enjoy getting to talk about it.

And I can't forget to say Happy Birthday to Steph H!! 

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