Thursday, November 05, 2009

Goodbye New York, till next time

Oh my goodness, what a crazy week this has been! I always enjoy visiting New York City, and I always enjoy leaving NYC. There has been lots of shopping, shopping, and more shopping - all at H&M. (I did visit a few other stores as well, but only bought from H&M.) Tuesday night I went out with Georgina, an old friend from my Langley days. We went to a Turkish restaurant in Hell's Kitchen. I'm going to say neither of us really cared for it. Then we walked up to 30 Rock for a little Magnolia Bakery goodness. We discovered that 2 normal looking girls sitting still long enough will get asked to take pictures for strangers at least a dozen times in one night! It was so fun to see Georgina looking so good and happy! I love seeing happy friends!
Wednesday night I went out on a fun last second blind date! The guy was totally great and very understanding that I was shopping, and was kind enough to meet me at H&M. We had a great time chatting and then... Funny story there... So one upon a time a long time ago, my sister was in the hospital for a very long time. I was bounced around between different families at church for a while, spending much of my time with one particular family. They had lots of kids, and I fit in perfectly in the line up. They even set up a bed for me in their daughter's bedroom, and that became my second home for a while. They had a little boy in their family that was my nemesis. He was a wild little boy, and I was a girly girl, and we were oil and water.
So what does this have to do with my blind date? Guess who was (and still is) my blind date's BFF?? Yep, my nemesis. Talk about crazy coincidences and funny connections!
And that brings us to Thursday. Oh Thursday, what did I ever do to hurt you? First, breakfast sucked. Second, lunch was a hot dog that I think had it out for me. I haven't exactly recovered from that yet. But things looked up when I found out my cousin was in town for a few hours, and we hooked up for a fancy dinner.
So now I have lots of NaNoWriMo writing to catch up on (I left my computer in the office each night, so I couldn't type up my NaNoWriMo stuff, but I did write it in my notebook!), and over 300 Facebook notifications to catch up on.

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  1. Georgina is awesome! So is NYC. And your blog. :)


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