Monday, November 02, 2009

Lunchables- Intern Kate

Welcome to our third Lunchables installment. I have to admit, I am LOVING doing these. Meeting interesting people and eating good food. What's not to love?

Intern Kate

If you are a country music fan in the Salt Lake City area, you may already be familiar with this week's lunch date. "Intern Kate" can be found on the Keith Stubbs' Show on 101.5 the Eagle in the mornings.

Current location: Salt Lake City
Occupation: Personal Assistant and budding radio personality
Lunchables location: Ruth's Diner in Emigration Canyon
How we know each other: Kate and I met each other via Twitter of all crazy places. Until our lunch date we had never met in person, but had exchanged several Twitters and emails. Now we are regular texting buddies and plan to get together for some fun single girl adventures soon!

Question #1- Favorite past-time
"Radio! Getting to go to concerts, country dancing, or just hanging out at the station!"
Kate is new to radio. If you think being on-air radio talent makes you rich and famous, guess again. Radio stations are all operated on shoestring budgets. But that hasn't kept Kate, a darling 30-something, from taking a leap of faith into pursuing what she loves. Believe it or not she is an unpaid intern, and is working there because she loves it. (She also has a full-time job as a personal assistant to a local businesswoman.) You can do Kate a favor and help her be even better at her internship by following @1015theeagle on Twitter! (She runs the account.)

Question #2- Passions!
No surprise here. The sweet and sensitive Kate says that she is passionate about her friends and family, and helping them out. She says it keeps her up at night worrying about other people's struggles. (Sounds like she's a wonderful friend to have!)
Oh and radio!

Question #3- What is your favorite memory?
"Spending time with my step-sisters. We would put on dance concerts for our parents, tape it, and watch it over and over again!"

Question #4- What defines you?
Kate took a very long pause and thought this one over before answering.
"Very spontaneous, something crazy, and taking road trips."

The next question is "give me 5 words that define your dating life." But here's what you need to know about Kate first. Not unlike some people I know, she's in her 30s, sick of dating, and yet hasn't given up all hope yet. She's recently started dating a great guy, and has even more recently begun referring to him as her boyfriend. It is all still so new to her I can't blame her for not knowing which answers to give. Kate with a Boyfriend answers? Or the Other Kate who is in her 30s and finds dating impossible?
After some debate, she went with Other Kate.
"Before I decided to let him be my boyfriend..."
1. Spontaneous
2. Willing to give someone a chance
3. Expecations
4. Random
5. Not superficial/very in-depth

And the best answer ever? "I once went to Canada for a first date [with a guy she met online]. Try explaining to Border Patrol that you don't know the guy's last name."

Question 6- Why aren't you married yet?
She busts up laughing. And keeps laughing.
"Because I haven't said yes!"

Now for the fun question- name as many types of cheese as you can think of in 1 minute-
Bleu, string, gorgonzola, goat, cottage, mozzarella, smoked, sharp, cream, and pepper jack!

What I want to tell you about Kate-
Asking a girl I had never met before out to lunch was a little intimidating. Like I said before, we had only communicated a few times via Twitter. (We're both "Due Westies.") We also exchanged a few emails regarding social media tips. No big deal. A few weeks ago she left a comment on my blog, which lead me to her blog, which lead me to the real her. As soon as I read her blog, Kiss Me Kate,  I knew we would get along. I've struggled a lot in Utah to find a single female friend who had never been married before, and has the same ideals and ambitions as me. In DC (and other places I have lived) this was never a problem for me. In Utah its ridiculously difficult to find!
Within just a few minutes of sitting down to eat (ooh, almost forgot- at the time we were both on the HCG diet. instead of moral support, we both completely encouraged each other to cheat. it was fun.) we were opening right up and talking about how hard it is to maintain our ideals and standards sometimes. We were both thrilled to discover a kindred spirit who understands the difficulties and challenges of the over-30 LDS dating world.
She is genuine and down to earth, and equally funny and adventurous. I tested her when she said she likes crazy adventures and road trips. (I was only half joking, and mostly serious.) We had known each other less than 30 minutes when I asked her if she wanted to take the gay bus to Wendover to see a Joan Jett concert. I knew we'd be great friends when she actually considered it for a minute, and then realized she had plans with her boyfriend. And then suggested I meet her boyfriend so that we could convince him to do some crazy things with us!
She's the real deal. If her awesome boyfriend doesn't step up to the plate (no rush, it is still a new relationship and all), I will personally go on a mission to find her the perfect man, if for no other reason than to get her off the playing field so that I can have a chance!


  1. Awesome. Sounds like you have met your match!

    Off to go read her blog!

  2. Erin! You are a doll! I loved getting to know you! You are an incredible woman! I knew that before we even met to be honest :) I love how creative at life you are! I admire how you are willing to do something "different" yet live in the world while holding LDS standards. I know it isn't easy, but you get it! Most struggle to get there! You love life and you love people around you...this is completely obvious. I feel like I won a friend lottery! Love you already! Thank you for asking me to lunch! Reading over your interview makes my heart happy, your writing shows how much you care and you barely know me! I want to be like you! Thanks again! -Kate

  3. I love reading these lunchables!


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