Sunday, November 22, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Men, we (the female half of the human race) will never be impressed by your video game playing skills. We will also never be impressed by your video game playing smack talk.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


  1. She speaks the truth!

  2. now now... what if we are kidnapped by a giant ape who is throwing barrels at people? THEN we will care!

    p.s. my Library of Skittles Deferred got hacked. So now I am at

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Dont get bitter but we are not impressed with your shoes or the deal that you got on a handbag and frankly we dont care because we dont notice if those pants make your but look fat (You weigh the same in either pair of pants) It seems that we have our interests and you have yours. IF you dont denigrate our interests we wont do the same to yours. And just like you get overheated and excited about a deal or a new thingamabob and have to share so do we sometimes.

  4. I shall take your advice, and not spout geeky terms to the ladies.

  5. I agree with Erin Annie!!!

    I wouldn't even date an adult man who owns a playstation or whatever other gadget those games play on!!! Run, run away.

    And to Anonymous - we don't care if you appreciate the shoes, handbag or other goodies. We don't buy them for you... and true... you don't play childish games for us... but the difference is at least our interests help us look good and feel good.
    Video game interests only increase sedintary behavior, make you fat and un-interesting, and possibly violent... BUT you have really limber thumbs!!! if you can tell us what really limber thumbs gain ANYONE - we'll listen.

  6. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Dear TRS What is the difference between Watching TV, reading a book and playing Video games? It is entertainment. I will grant you much like Imelda Marcos one can over do the games. but it is a great way to bond with friends and family for guys, much like women go in great gaggles to shop together. Also there is considerable research touting the medicinal value of video games. Especially in the elderly as it forces quick thinking and keeps the aged more cognitively fresh. please dont get bitter with the research.

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    The difference, anonymous, is that video games will never be educational or provide any service to mankind beyond giving your thumbs an extensive work out. If gaming is your hobby, cool. Just don't tout its greatness because we honestly don't care and it's nothing more than a game. Never will be. On the same level you don't care about your shoes or ours either. Men get lots of man-points for NOT thinking we care what level you're on.

  8. Yep - Anonymous #2 got it right.
    you get points for NOT thinking that it will impress us or that we could possibly care. You lose a bijillion points for even thinking we might want to know!

    We know you don't care about our shoes. We don't think you should.
    But a really cool guy will get points for pointing out our shoes are awesome. You don't lose points for not noticing.
    that's all.

  9. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Um wrong Anon 2 video games do have value they are beginning to be used extensively as medicinal and in the educational world. In the medical world they are being used to treat PTSD successfully, Autism and the effects of aging. First person "shooter" style games are being used to help older people stay cognitively alert. All too often we get intellectually lazy as we age. We do the same things at the same time in the same way. Because of this it is thought that our melons get soft and squishy because of this we "vegetate" First person games where the player has to make choices and do so at speed is showing a useful correlation to staying more mentally alert. Many studies on this has been done with the elderly. So while the women are out in a great gaggle spending money to feel good the video gamer is spending time to sharpen themselves.

    Now having said that I will for the record say that my last console was the Atari 2400.

    I much prefer a good book, or a not so good book, really anything with print is ok by me.

  10. I'm guessing Anonymous 1 is a single male who can't figure out why women aren't interested. There is value in simulation, to the military and to the medical profession. Absolutely! What you do in your home with your PS3? Not so much.

  11. Jules asked me to delete her comment because she felt it was too angry and mean. But I've decided to keep it up. Why? Because if I had deleted it, I would have just said the same thing myself.


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