Sunday, November 08, 2009

Social Networking FAIL

I received a LinkedIn invite today from a former boss. A boss that I despised working for, and he despised me as well. He told me on more than one occasion to not think so much and just sit at my desk and look pretty. In other words, a guy I would never in a million years use as a reference or want to be associated with.
And yet, he's attempted to add me on LinkedIn.
But here's the kicker. He's listed me as a colleague for the wrong company. In so many ways, I'm not surprised. First, it shows his total lack of understanding as to how social networking works. Second, he still doesn't recall what it is I do! Its tempting to add him, just to write a recommendation on him, explaining how he was a jerk and  added me for the wrong company. Knowing him, he's too clueless to know how to delete a negative comment like that.
But I'm better than that, so I'll just block him instead.

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