Monday, November 02, 2009

Waking Up in the City That Never Sleeps

I'm back in NYC for the third time in five months. I've visited my three favorite places- H&M, Pronto Pizza, and Magnolia Bakery. And for the first real time since losing weight, I went clothes shopping. I honestly had no idea what sizes I would wear, and I am still not sure what size I wear! I visited H&M, Ann Taylor, and Macy's, and at each store I wore a very different size. I have a limited budget, so I'm doing lots of research shopping before I actually purchase some outfits. Gotta make sure I'm getting the most versatile and best deal, right??

I admit, its fun. Having no other place to be this evening, I tried on all sorts of outfits out of my price range, and certainly out of my range of necessity. Short, slinky, backless little black dress with pearl loops dangling down the back? Yes, I did that. $475 jeans with rhinestone studded belt loops with a $200 Ed Hardy shirt? Sure, why not. Silky, ruffly dress with stiletto heels? Of course. Its fun to play pretend dress up sometimes.

Tomorrow morning, fate willing, I will be getting up early for either a walk through Central Park, or if time permits, a trip down to Ground Zero. In all of the times I have been to NYC in the past 10 years, I have never been to Ground Zero. I'm trying to do a few new things this week, and that's top of my list. Let's see if it happens...

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