Friday, November 13, 2009

What was the point again?

What was the point of attempting to do a blog post daily for NaBloPoMo? (or whatever it was called) Tonight my sleeping pills have not induced creativity or a tendency to overshare. Instead they are doing their job and actually making me sleepy. Yeah for that!
It occurs to me that its rather silly of me to force myself to do daily blog posts. Its not like I don't write on average 3-4 blog posts daily for work already. Not to mention I'm trying my best (in all that free time I have) to launch a career-oriented blog (feel free to check it out- even though I doubt it will be all that interesting to anyone not in marketing or the social media fields). Why on earth am I forcing myself to write even more?!
And yet, here I am, blogging anyway.
Sadly, what I have failed at big time is NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month). I really did have good intentions there. I just couldn't predict that my life would explode on me this week and next.

Just some of the insanity going on around here- (the stuff hinted at in my "Priorities" post 2 days ago)

-putting the final touches on my house before my foster care home inspection next week. This includes moving a bed to the kids room, setting it up,etc. I still need to move the dresser up from the garage. And I have to put a lock on the closet door in my laundry room. It turns out I'm really good at removing locks, and not so good at installing them. This is what my awesome home and/or visiting teachers will be asked to help me with next week.

- preparing for a presentation on Tuesday
- preparing for a major pitch next Friday
- getting meals set up for 2 new babies in our ward, plus 1 sick woman (6 meals total)
- my regular full time job
- writing an expert advice column
- writing my bi-weekly social media column

and a bunch of other stuff.

So yeah, in spite of the length of this blog post, which was all just to say that I think I've done enough writing for one day, I have now blogged.
The end.

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