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2 days to go in the big booby competition

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you all to help me win a contest to just get a job interview? Well, the good news is that I am in the top 5! I'm #4!! The bad news is that there are 2 days left to go, and I'm definitely within striking range of losing my spot!

So I'm hoping that if you haven't voted for me yet that you will now! Just click here and subscribe 
I promise it is simple and painless and they don't spam you!

If you have already voted for me- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! And never fear, you can help me one more time!! Basically, you have to vote for Vidli on another website, and then send Vidli an email telling them you did and that you want me to be a booby. (I know, it sounds odd, but trust me, its easy and painless.) Here's the instructions-  (and the proof that I'm in the top 5!)

I've been thinking maybe you need a little more incentive to help me get the i…

Unemployment Day 26

The interesting part of applying for jobs in social media marketing is knowing that if the employer is any good, they will be searching for me online. If they are any good at searching, this blog will show up. (Social media nerds- you can relate to this dilemma- do I show off my SEO/SMM skills by making sure it shows up? Or work harder to make sure it doesn't come up? I can never decide.)
I have my professional blog on social media and engagement marketing, and it is printed on my resume.  I'd rather them find that obviously. (Hear that potential employers?!) But still, they may find this one. So do I talk about my job search on here or not?
I say yes.
So here's the update.
I have two interviews this week. One is in-state, one is out of state. Both are exciting positions with very interesting career potential. Potential that goes in two totally different directions. Entrepreneurial independence? Agency prestige? Corporate stability? Close to family? Stay in Utah? Exciting …

Because I Can Week of Indulgence Continues

So far I have been to see Sherlock Holmes and Nine. (and watched approximately 20 hours of NCIS with Ally (brother's girlfriend). time well spent I say.) My short reviews with no spoilers-
Sherlock Holmes in Red, Nine in Blue

Using the Erin rating scale-
Would I see it again? In a theater? Or on DVD?Absolutely yes (someone invite me to go see it with them!) And I'd buy it on DVD. Um, no. And double no.

Would I recommend it to my movie snob dad? Would I not recommend it to him because it is too explicit or the language goes too far? Already told Dad to go see it.Warned Mom not to go see it. Dad wouldn't be tempted to see a musical.

Would I recommend it to goes-to-less-than-2-movies-in-a-theater-a-year-and-even-then-only-kid-movies-with-her-kids- Juli?Absolutely.Possibly on DVD, but I know she'll never take the time.

Did I get bored or wish it was over?Not once. It did get long, but I think the story required it to stay true to Sherlock stories.About ten minutes in I was ho…

Evil evil back pain

As if there isn't enough going on in my life right now, I'm also dealing with a painful bad back. I've injured it multiple times over the past decade, and gone through several rounds of therapy for it, but sadly, it never completely cures. The night before we left on our trip to Virginia I aggravated my back again, and then got in a car for 48 hours to drive across the country. And then we drove back 32 hours. And my back has been out to get me ever since. There was no specific injury this time, just a lot of "bad for your back" kind of activities. I'm going to a very helpful chiropractor again. So far in the one week I've been seeing him, it has helped considerably. But oh my hell! I am incapable sitting for very long. I tried sitting through two movies this week (Nine and Sherlock Holmes- Sherlock was awesome, btw), and both times, in spite of the cushiony, comfy theater seats, found myself in horrible pain. Sitting on a metal folding chair at church to…

Because I Can Week of Indulgence Begins

Many moons ago I at one of my past jobs I worked with a very fun team of people. We had a morning "water cooler" tradition where we would discuss the TV shows we liked from the night before. I know many offices do the same thing, but we really got into it. We'd even text each other during the shows if something big happened. It was a lot of fun.
We watched and talked about the most popular shows on at the time, and encouraged each other to try new shows, just so we could talk about it. One co-worker told me over and over again that she wanted me to watch NCIS with her. I had no idea what it was about, and watched so many shows already, that I just never around to trying it. That was several years ago.
A few months ago I noticed that my sister's Facebook statuses frequently mentioned she was watching NCIS. And then one day my mom told me she didn't have time to talk on the phone, because they (she and my sister) were about to sit down and watch NCIS together.

Christmas Recap

If I don't write up a Christmas recap about this year I will look back in the future and wonder why I didn't and where I was. The truth is, this blog is more for me and my pathetic memory than anything else! So Christmas it is!
I haven't made it much of a secret that I wasn't feeling the Christmas Spirit much this year. But that wasn't good enough for dear friend Heidi. First she invited me to join her family and in-laws to ride the Polar Express on Wednesday night. I hadn't read the book before, but I had seen the movie, which it turns out are two very different things! The Polar Express was very cute and fun, and I'd definitely recommend it to families with young kids. It takes place on the old-fashioned Heber Creeper train, goes around the Deer Creek Reservoir, is semi-warm, and waiters and elves serve you cookies and luke-warm cocoa. The Polar Express book was handed out and read, fun songs were sung, and the Jolly Fat Man himself appeared and posed for…

Because I Can

It was probably more apparent to those around me than it was to me personally, but I've finally woken up and realized I'm stressed out more than usual and handling it very poorly.
Signs I'm not handling the stress well- incessant heartburn and acidic stomach, my jaw is actually sore from all the clenching and gritting, my emotions are riding way too high (if you've been in my physical presence for more than 5 minutes in the past 4 weeks you have probably also seen me cry), sleep is a thing of the past, and I an completely incapable of finishing anything I start.
I'm a fairly "matter of fact" person, and usually pretty good at looking at my situation and rolling with the punches. And I think I am rolling with the punches the best that I am built to do so. (Maybe there are other people out there who are better at not caring that they have no control over their life and future. I am not one of them.)
So I have decided that for the next two weeks I am going …

job and house hunt

While the rest of the world turns their thoughts to Christmas, my thoughts have turned to real estate. Yes, real estate. The majority of my job hunting has lead me to interviews outside of Utah and all around the country. Which means the very strong possibility of moving away from this home and life I love so much. I'm putting a lot of faith and trust in the Lord that leaving Utah may be the right thing to do at what feels like the wrong time to do it.
During my house hunting process I have discovered something odd about myself. This time last year I lived in a one bed, one bath, 800 sq ft apartment. My two luxuries were the gas fireplace (which rarely worked) and the washer and dryer in the apartment. When my lease was up, and my job situation changed, and my priorities included having a second bedroom for a foster child, and an office space for my work from home needs, I looked to find a bigger place. Now, as I look far and wide at the various housing markets (and oh how they …


My Christmas spirit has improved considerably. I'm still not there, but the Grinch doesn't live here anymore.
Last night I took "Little" out for some final Christmas shopping. She is very cutely determined to make all of the presents for her family. (Read: Erin has done more crafts in the past month than she has in the past 10 years.) She puts a lot of thought into what she wants to give everyone, which is just so cute that it has helped me get over my Scroogy-ness. As usual, "Little" has made everything better.
My attitude also improved after I discovered Big Wave Dave's ReverbNation page yesterday. Little known secret about me- I really do not like most Christmas music. Especially the crap on the radio. I'd much rather hear a chamber choir sing the classics, than endure another pop band put their spin on an overplayed popular Christmas ballad. Which is why I have enjoyed played Dave's page all day long. Check it out! My favorite- the Elves Ha…

Skipping Christmas?

I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit this year. In spite of the little pink Christmas tree in the corner, with presents underneath, it just doesn't feel like Christmas. There were several Christmas parties I was invited to that I had to miss during my trip to Virginia. I haven't received many cards (as many friends have said- Facebook killed the Christmas card) (but thank you to those who have sent them!!). I haven't had time to send out my own cards. I just barely put up a few decorations myself this evening. And I haven't really heard very much (good) Christmas music (what I heard in truck stop bathrooms across the country does not count). I did what little shopping I could afford online, so I even missed that tactile experience of gift giving.

Tonight was lovely though. As I decorated the living room, and watched Christmas movies, neighbors stopped by with little gifts. It made my whole day, and brought a little bit of the Christmas Spirit into …

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We made it! We're home! We left the comfort of our parents' house in Roanoke, VA at 7 am on Friday and pulled in to my beloved little house in Lehi, UT at 5 pm Saturday. Unless you have been living under a rock, or you're Juli and have been on a cruise all week, you probably know about the massive snowstorm that hit the East Coast on Friday. We saw this one coming a little better than we saw the one that hit us on our trip to VA, and managed to plan accordingly and leave soon enough to miss the snow.

Twitter and Facebook were my saving graces throughout the road trip. My brother is not exactly what I would call a skilled conversationalist. When he slept, I drove. When I slept, he drove. There wasn't a lot of dual awake time. So I twittered, texted, Facebooked, etc. to better pass the time. And I listened to my new favorite Pandora station on my Blackberry when the signal was strong enough. (I couldn't play the radio because it would wake Scott up.) I made a Clay Wa…

Help Me Be a Big Booby

As you know, I'm "between jobs." As fun as that may sound to some people, I'm anxious to get back to work doing what it is I love- social media marketing. And I want to do it for a fun and exciting company. And I think I have found the PERFECT job for me with Vidli.
Vidli is a website about licensing videos. Don't know what that means? Don't worry about it, and just trust me, its a good thing. Are you a video creator and want to be able to make money off your videos without the annoyance of Google Ads on YouTube (where you'll make nothing)? This is the site for you. Its a good thing. I promise.
The main reason I like this company is that they don't want to just review resumes. They want people to prove their social media worth in a competition. This means I have to get YOU to click on this-

You click on that, and enter your info in the "sign me up" box, and I get 1 point.

Yes, I know this means you have to give aw…

I'm Leaving (but not on a jet plane)

In about 12 hours from now my brother and I will begin the trip back west along I-40. Rather than risk our lives in a snowstorm again, we'll be taking the southerly route, and have tracked the storms much better. With our luck, we'll get stuck in Bristol, TN for 3 days.

Here's a little video to keep you entertained until I return-

Anyone else have "dreidl, dreidl, dreidl, i made it out of clay" stuck in their heads now?

The Reset Button

Now that the family issues have settled down and I've had time to myself, I've had a lot more time to start thinking about my unemployment situation. I've started to call this phase of life the unexpected reset button.
Normally, you want to be the one who hits the reset button on your life. You want that control. You want to be the one who chooses what changes will happen in your life. But when unemployment happens, it is like someone else has hit the reset button on your life, and there's nothing you can do about it. You are at the world's mercy. Someone else has upset your priorities and activities, not to mention your livelihood. Someone else has changed the biggest time suck of your day. And your hands are tied. There is nothing you can do about it.
So the reset button has been hit, and I have no choice but to deal with it. So here I am.
I search for jobs and send in applications. I wait for someone else to read it. I wait for someone else to care. I do my best…

Ooh, he's an angry elf!

There is so much to say, and yet, not much to say at all. I'm still in Virginia visiting my family. In theory, we're going to leave on Friday sometime. But then, maybe we won't. We'll come home sooner or later. In the meantime, there's a lot of family time to be had. When I'm in Roanoke I try to spend one on one time with as many cousins and family as possible. I've been enjoying that oppo

Lessons Learned

Some thoughts and notes on this emotionally powerful day, and a few lessons learned as well.

- A family chorus sang a beautiful hymn composed by my grandfather over 60 years ago. It was the first performance of the song. It was truly the perfect funeral hymn in many ways. Lesson learned: a choir can still manage to do a song justice in spite of crying openly throughout the song.

- One look at Cassandra can make me cry, and vice versa.

- Professional opera singer, George Dyer, was in town (this is his hometown!) to perform an annual Christmas show (sold out the civic center) and receive a hall of fame award. Additionally the mayor declared the day "George Dyer Day." This kind and talented man was also gracious enough to take the time out to also perform a song my grandfather had requested be done at his funeral, "Come Lay His Books and Papers By." (A fitting funeral song for a life long educator.) This was so generous and kind of him that I would like to thank him b…

Vearl G McBride

Vearl Gordon McBride, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather passed from this world to the next, December 8, 2009, after a full life of service to the Lord, his family, and his profession. He was born September 24, 1919, in Pima, Graham County, Arizona, one of 10 children, to Don Carlos McBride and Emma Jane Hubbard McBride. He is survived by his sweetheart of 66 years, Betty Jean Henderson McBride, whom he married May 14, 1943, in the Mesa Arizona Temple, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and by their children and their spouses: Maurice & Alicia McBride, Dr. Dane & Karma McBride, Darla Anderson, Tanya & James Skeen, Dr. Reo and Keri McBride, Bonnie Colleen & Dr. Alan Whitehurst, and Gina LaRee & Dr. Michael Jones, together with 34 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

He was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in a variety of church callings. He served…

Vearl G McBride

Vearl Gordon McBride, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather passed from this world to the next, December 8, 2009, after a full life of service to the Lord, his family, and his profession. He was born September 24, 1919, in Pima, Graham County, Arizona, one of 10 children, to Don Carlos McBride and Emma Jane Hubbard McBride. He is survived by his sweetheart of 66 years, Betty Jean Henderson McBride, whom he married May 14, 1943, in the Mesa Arizona Temple, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and by their children and their spouses: Maurice & Alicia McBride, Dr. Dane & Karma McBride, Darla Anderson, Tanya & James Skeen, Dr. Reo and Keri McBride, Bonnie Colleen & Dr. Alan Whitehurst, and Gina LaRee & Dr. Michael Jones, together with 34 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

He was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served in a variety of church callings. He served…

The Drive That Will Live in Infamy

Driving across country was never going to be an easy thing to do. Driving cross country in December was going to be difficult, but doable. When we saw that we might encounter some snow, we moved our departure up a few hours. Little did we know that wouldn't do us any good.
And thus began our adventure.
On Monday I ran around preparing us for the trip and checking the Weather Channel both online and on TV regularly. Scott was able to get off work at noon, rather than 4 pm, which we thought would help us get out of town earlier. We left my house at about 4:30 and headed south.
Originally the plan was to take the I-70 route across the country. The I-80 route (which is technically 1 hour shorter) is notorious for getting closed in bad weather across Wyoming and Nebraska. Knowing there was possible snow in the forecast, we opted for the I-70 route. There is also an I-40 route that goes through New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee. It is about 400 miles longer th…


If for some reason you are only a blog reader and not also a real life friend, Twitter follower, or Facebook friend, you probably don't know that I'm in Virginia now. The drive out here deserves its own crazy blog post. Let's just say it took 24 hours just to get through the state of Colorado. It was a long painful drive. Insane!!!

We did not make it here in time to see our grandfather alive. The funeral is on Saturday. I will give him and the family the post it deserves soon.

It was the best of times? Or the worst of times?

"These things never do happen at good times, do they?"

I was chatting with someone at church today and naturally my job situation and the trip to Virginia came up. I've had people say it to me both ways now. Apparently some people think it is misfortunate to lose a job and have a family situation arise in the same week. Others think it is convenient for me to not have to miss work so that I can travel.
Personally, I have no preference for either one. I'd prefer to just never lose a job, and to never have to attend another funeral.
However, having a yucky toilet overflow, (and then thinking I stopped it just to find out several hours later I was horribly mistaken), seep into the carpets and through a closet wall, and then spending several very late night hours on my hands and knees using the mini-wetvac, definitely came at an inconvenient time. My back and neck are killing me! I've got the heating pad on, and a large dose of ibuprofen coursing through me. Hopefull…

Family Road Trip

(this picture stolen without permission from the awesome website of my cousin photographer Jon McBride. I'm sure he'll forgive me eventually. :-))

In about 24 hours or so I will get in the car and drive to Virginia with my brother. Scott needs to go in to work to discuss things, and I have a job interview in the early afternoon. After we take care of that, we hit the road. We're hoping to make it home in time to see our grandfather one last time. I'm dreading the drive, and sad for the occasion, but happy to get to see my family again.
We're playing this whole trip by ear. We have no idea how long we will be gone, or when we will return. There is a possibility that Scott will fly back, and I will drive back solo. Or that maybe Natalie and Porter (who flew to VA on Friday and is scheduled to fly back Monday) will drive back with me/us.
The only thing we do know is that we are driving out there non-stop. There are several friends I would have liked to stop and see…


Tonight I was at a party talking to one of my Utah friends/acquaintances. He served his mission for the LDS Church in my hometown. Tonight we made the connection that he was actually a missionary in the Centreville Branch during the time I was a teenager there. Chances are we probably met and knew each other. But for now, neither of us has any memory of the other. ("Branch" is the term for a very small congregation covering a large geographical area in the LDS church.)
He told me a story about how the teenagers in the branch, lead by 2 brothers I remember all too well, toilet papered the missionary's cabin on Doc Mouser's farm. (Another place I recall all too well- the cabin, the farm, and the accompanying peacocks!) It was fun to hear the story, and to wonder if I was among the kids doing the teepeeing. It was a regular activity amongst our little crew. We teepeed. We loved to teepee. For our little crew, it was a sign of love and acceptance, and its how you knew …

Day 4

Day 4 of unemployment has come and gone. I managed to get my unemployment coverage taken care of finally. I should start receiving benefits late next week sometime. Its not much money, but with some serious financial cutbacks, and a few other options (renting out a room? selling some furniture?) I just might make it work.

I also got another job interview lined up today, and applied for several other excellent positions. I really need to decide what I want to do. If I am willing to move out of the state, my chances of getting a well-paying and interesting job increase exponentially. In fact, there is one company that would probably make me an offer next week if I told them I'm willing to move. But I'm not sure that I am due to the foster care situation. I've come so far! And now that things have progressed, and I've talked to a caseworker, and have seen the pictures of some of the girls I might get (and have actually selected two girls, of which I will get one most like…

Left Alone With All My Thoughts

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

I don't know how many times I've heard my dad quote that line to me. On subjects from fighting with my sister to struggling in a class in school, this was his answer for everything. I don't know that my dad and I have ever once discussed my dating life, but if we were to try, I'm sure he'd quote this to me yet again.

Tonight as I was doing my nightly blog surfing a visited the Elvis Enthusiasts Unite blog (authored by Dainon) for the first time in a long time. His post "Better man" struck a chord with me. Particularly this portion, "My thought was, well, that I mostly likely have a fear of intimacy, which leads me to be in the state that I am at present. The reason for that? Almost every single intimate act I’ve had or experienced so far in my life has been attached to some level of failure. What a revelation, right?"

Which again brings me back to my dad's favor…

Day 3 and counting

Things I learned today:

there are 8 rechargeable batteries somewhere in my house. The batteries (ultra duracell less than 6 months old) in my cable remote are dying. (So much for ultra!) And I can't find one working battery!15 degrees outside is not cold enough to keep my dogs from wanting to go outside 20 times a daysome romance novels actually have crappy endings that do not end with everyone getting marriedgive 2 dogs identical bones, and they will still fight to steal the other one's boneapparently my drivers side car window breaking is linked to me being unemployed. it happened last year, and almost again today. (its stuck down, but hasn't yet shattered. i can't roll it up, or it will shatter again.)unemployment is harder to "adjust" to when you worked from home. There is no lifestyle change. I'm still here all day. I'm still online all day. Its a very odd non-adjustment this time around. the Nevada Unemployment Commission is a total joke. I have …

Positive Thoughts

My positive thought for yesterday (day 2)-
I have great friends who generously care for me. Thank you for the coupons and offers! And to my neighbor B for the "comfort food!" (I ate it all, btw.)

Day 2 of Unemployment- Exit letters

At some point today I was supposed to sign the letter/statement from my former employer stating that I understand that I no longer work there. I think these letters are a ridiculous joke. They are written to protect the company, and are full of crap stating that I understand that they aren't paying me anymore, and I don't work there. Gee thanks. Now, if the letters were more honest, maybe I'd actually care enough to sign it. For instance,
Dear Former Employee:
You don't work here. Don't ask for anything. Even though we saw it coming, we didn't bother to warn you. And we're too cheap to offer you severance pay, even if it is just three weeks before Christmas. (yeah, yeah, we know your salary was in the budget for the whole year, and the year is up in just 3 weeks, but that one last paycheck you would have earned was going to break our bank.) But hey, we let you have Thanksgiving before screwing you over. You can be thankful for that retroactively. The truth is…

Day 1 of Unemployment

One day of unemployment down. Let the countdown begin.

I have to admit I'm not entirely heartbroken over losing my job. In fact, I may even be secretly relieved. I hate working in a negative environment where I can't trust anywhere and feel like people are constantly working to tear me down. And I'm excited to find a new opportunity to learn and grow in.

I applied for several jobs today, got several great leads from friends, and even had one phone interview! I applied for a job and two hours later they called me! Talk about confidence building! I am happy to see that there are actually several great jobs out there in my field. Its just a matter of applying and getting noticed now.

Most of my day was spent in tears though. My grandfather is very sick and my heart is breaking for him. I feel awful for the family members who have to make some very very difficult decisions for him this week. And I'm extremely sad that I can't just get in my car and go home. I have to b…

Let Go Due to Budget Cuts

Deja vu! I feel like a broken record sometimes! I suppose at least this time it has been a full year I managed to stay employed. But ugh, back to the world of unemployment.
There's not much to say, and if there was much to say, I probably wouldn't share it here anyway. But yes, this morning I was "let go" from my job and sent back into the cold hard world to find employment. We've been around this block a time or two, haven't we? (For those keeping track, that was Aribex for 6 months, Cobalt for 6 months, Somerset for 6 weeks, and now COA for 1 year. Not once losing my job for anything to do with me.)

I've been making a pro's and con's list in my head for the past few hours. Wanna read it?

More time to read my books!
Lots of time to write a book!
No more negative energy from a certain former co-worker.
I saw this coming and have already been quietly job hunting.
I have several freelance projects already in the works that could really save…


Admit it, you were hoping I'd have a fun report on my date tonight. Instead, here's what you get- NEXT! Bring on the next guy, please!

Let's discuss something a little more fun- the books on my nightstand! I glanced at them today and realized I couldn't be a more cliche single girl. The first book (title redacted) is nothing short of a slut romance novel. I confess I have a weakness for slutty romance novels. I only read them every great once in a while. Maybe not entirely indicative of a cliche single girl, but it is indicative of a girl who ain't getting any.

Next- "The New York Regional Mormon Singles Dance," by Elna Baker. If you haven't heard about this book yet, you really ought to go check it out. A 28 year old virgin's memoirs on dating. This is not an LDS author writing for the LDS audience. It is an author writing about being LDS and dating for the non-LDS audience. After reading her short story on MSN entitled, "Yes, I'm a 27 y…