Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 days to go in the big booby competition

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you all to help me win a contest to just get a job interview? Well, the good news is that I am in the top 5! I'm #4!! The bad news is that there are 2 days left to go, and I'm definitely within striking range of losing my spot!

So I'm hoping that if you haven't voted for me yet that you will now! Just click here and subscribe 
I promise it is simple and painless and they don't spam you!

If you have already voted for me- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! And never fear, you can help me one more time!! Basically, you have to vote for Vidli on another website, and then send Vidli an email telling them you did and that you want me to be a booby. (I know, it sounds odd, but trust me, its easy and painless.) Here's the instructions-  (and the proof that I'm in the top 5!)

I've been thinking maybe you need a little more incentive to help me get the interview. So I've decided to put myself out there just a little bit more. I hereby promise that if I get the in-person interview, I will get this shirt from Threadless, and wear it to the interview. And take pictures as proof.

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