Sunday, December 27, 2009

Because I Can Week of Indulgence Continues

So far I have been to see Sherlock Holmes and Nine. (and watched approximately 20 hours of NCIS with Ally (brother's girlfriend). time well spent I say.) My short reviews with no spoilers-
Sherlock Holmes in Red, Nine in Blue

Using the Erin rating scale-
Would I see it again? In a theater? Or on DVD? Absolutely yes (someone invite me to go see it with them!) And I'd buy it on DVD. Um, no. And double no.

Would I recommend it to my movie snob dad? Would I not recommend it to him because it is too explicit or the language goes too far? Already told Dad to go see it. Warned Mom not to go see it. Dad wouldn't be tempted to see a musical.

Would I recommend it to goes-to-less-than-2-movies-in-a-theater-a-year-and-even-then-only-kid-movies-with-her-kids- Juli? Absolutely. Possibly on DVD, but I know she'll never take the time.

Did I get bored or wish it was over? Not once. It did get long, but I think the story required it to stay true to Sherlock stories. About ten minutes in I was hoping it would be a short movie.

Was I intrigued by the plot? I love Sherlock Holmes stories. I loved the plot all the way through, and was excited when I caught that certain clues were going to be significant, even if I had no idea what they meant. Intrigued? Or annoyed at narcissistic behavior begging for validation?

Or just entertained by the special effects? All the way through! Loved them. Actually, yes. The cinematography was incredible. It just lacked an interesting story.

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  1. Anonymous4:22 AM

    oh how could you be bitter about nine. On stage it was wonderful. I once helped put it on, i worked stagecraft professionally for a couple of summers. It was one of my favorites. I havent seen the movie version but it makes me sad to know that it may not be very good.


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