Friday, December 04, 2009

Day 3 and counting

Things I learned today:

  • there are 8 rechargeable batteries somewhere in my house. The batteries (ultra duracell less than 6 months old) in my cable remote are dying. (So much for ultra!) And I can't find one working battery!
  • 15 degrees outside is not cold enough to keep my dogs from wanting to go outside 20 times a day
  • some romance novels actually have crappy endings that do not end with everyone getting married
  • give 2 dogs identical bones, and they will still fight to steal the other one's bone
  • apparently my drivers side car window breaking is linked to me being unemployed. it happened last year, and almost again today. (its stuck down, but hasn't yet shattered. i can't roll it up, or it will shatter again.)
  • unemployment is harder to "adjust" to when you worked from home. There is no lifestyle change. I'm still here all day. I'm still online all day. Its a very odd non-adjustment this time around. 
  • the Nevada Unemployment Commission is a total joke.
  • I have amazing friends and family.

Positive thought for the day-
Its only day 3, and I've already had one job interview (and it went well)!

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  1. also... YOU are amazing!

    Just thought I should point that out.


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