Sunday, December 27, 2009

Evil evil back pain

As if there isn't enough going on in my life right now, I'm also dealing with a painful bad back. I've injured it multiple times over the past decade, and gone through several rounds of therapy for it, but sadly, it never completely cures. The night before we left on our trip to Virginia I aggravated my back again, and then got in a car for 48 hours to drive across the country. And then we drove back 32 hours. And my back has been out to get me ever since. There was no specific injury this time, just a lot of "bad for your back" kind of activities. I'm going to a very helpful chiropractor again. So far in the one week I've been seeing him, it has helped considerably. But oh my hell! I am incapable sitting for very long. I tried sitting through two movies this week (Nine and Sherlock Holmes- Sherlock was awesome, btw), and both times, in spite of the cushiony, comfy theater seats, found myself in horrible pain. Sitting on a metal folding chair at church today? Caused my entire left side to go numb in under 10 minutes. I also discovered I can't bend over to pick up my fat cat. I'm not sure if it is the bending, or the weight of Tiny, but I won't be trying that again for a while!
Back pain is just plain evil!! I hate it!
If you need me, I'll be curled up on my side, on my big soft couch, alternating heat and ice, and consuming ridiculous amounts of Advil.


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Poor thing.

    Once your back settles down, may I suggest yoga? Never fear, you don't have to be flexible to start yoga - that's the point.

    I went to my doctor, chiropractors and even a physical therapist for years... and they all told me to do these certain stretches thirty minutes a night. Yeah right. I wasn't going to do them!

    Then I joined a gym that offered yoga and thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. There, I learned that the same stretches and positions that the Docs were telling me to do, were the same stretches I did in Gymnastics and Dance years earlier... and yoga had them all in one place/ practice. Hmmm. Soooo... yoga's been around what... thousands of years?

    The truth is, if there IS a fountain of youth - it is yoga. It is what we all should be doing for our bodies everyday to have a comfortable and happy old age.

    That's what I think.


  2. Back pain is horrible. I had a lumbar lamenectomy in 2003 to help relieve the pain of my herniated disc. It helped considerably and for several years until Labor Day 08 when I woke to terrible pain.

    The worst thing to do is sit. You have to keep moving. I had to walk with a cane for 2 days.

    Not that you asked for suggestions, but go see a good back surgeon and get an MRI to see what you are dealing with. Surgery is scary, but might be the ticket.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you get better soon!

    Good luck!
    GMS in ATL


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