Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Let Go Due to Budget Cuts

Deja vu! I feel like a broken record sometimes! I suppose at least this time it has been a full year I managed to stay employed. But ugh, back to the world of unemployment.
There's not much to say, and if there was much to say, I probably wouldn't share it here anyway. But yes, this morning I was "let go" from my job and sent back into the cold hard world to find employment. We've been around this block a time or two, haven't we? (For those keeping track, that was Aribex for 6 months, Cobalt for 6 months, Somerset for 6 weeks, and now COA for 1 year. Not once losing my job for anything to do with me.)

I've been making a pro's and con's list in my head for the past few hours. Wanna read it?

More time to read my books!
Lots of time to write a book!
No more negative energy from a certain former co-worker.
I saw this coming and have already been quietly job hunting.
I have several freelance projects already in the works that could really save the day.
I may just get to go home for Christmas after all. (I'm half thinking about taking off tomorrow and just going!)
I am kind of looking forward to taking a mental break and relaxing just a bit. Not that there is anything relaxing about unemployment.
I was looking out my window and saw a neighbor walking by and thought, "Hey, I can go on walks with my awesome neighbors now."
I'm actually pretty dang good at what it is I do. If there are jobs out there, I shouldn't have a problem qualifying for them.
Having seen this coming for a while now, I've already been working on a professional social media and marketing blog and doing some professional writing jobs to increase my exposure and expertise.

This has the potential to seriously screw up my foster care situation.
Any funds from unemployment are not looking good right now. Utah denied me flat out. I now have to apply with Nevada (where my employer is technically based), and it hasn't been easy.
If I do qualify for unemployment, Nevada's weekly/monthly maximum payout doesn't even cover my rent.
Chances of getting hired before January 1 are slim to none. (But on the bright side, there are lots of jobs out there I am finding!)
While there are jobs out there, they don't appear to be in Utah. Again, seriously screwing up my life long foster care goals.
No severance.
Losing your job right before Christmas? Completely and in every way sucks.

It has only been a few hours, so I don't really have a plan to speak of. Thankfully I do have some freelance projects in the mix. I will definitely be spending the next few days bringing those to fruition so that they can make me money and quickly! I'm also considering getting a mall job or temp job for the next few weeks just to get me through. I've always had this little dream of getting a mall job just to get me out of bed each day and to bring in some bacon, while I work on my next novel. Wouldn't it be nice to be self-employed doing freelance consulting and writing a book? Of course, it would be a whole lot more enjoyable to do it with a nice nest egg under me for comfort and safety. (But after 4 jobs in 2 years, no there is no more nest egg.)

So cross your fingers and say some prayers for me. This is never an easy road to go down. Check out my professional blog, join me on Linked In, and let me know if you find any leads!


  1. Oog. I'm sorry! I did just hear about this job opening on "Rick Lazio's campaign for Governor in NY as his New Media Strategist". I can get you the contact info if you'd like, though it sounds something you might have to be in NY for.

    Good luck!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your job. Good luck with your job hunt!

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    harsh while I understand why companies let people go just before the end of the year it comes across as so very very hard. Dont be bitter and know that I'll pull for you. Maybe you should consider getting a game console you would get some made skillz and it might also work as good bait for the boys;)

  4. Gaaaaaahhhhhh!

    I know I just saw something that looked good for you. Sorry I'm crunching to write some scripts so that I can go to jury duty tomorrow - I'll email you as soon as I get the chance to find it.

    Chin up. Hang in there. All lame - but what else is there besides prayer. On my knees for you.

  5. Hey there, sorry - I just saw this. Dang it! This truly sucks. Same exact thing happened to my bro-in-law at the exact time last year. There is nothing cool about getting let go right before Christmas. I'll keep you in my prayers. Chin up - you'll find something :)


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