Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My Christmas spirit has improved considerably. I'm still not there, but the Grinch doesn't live here anymore.
Last night I took "Little" out for some final Christmas shopping. She is very cutely determined to make all of the presents for her family. (Read: Erin has done more crafts in the past month than she has in the past 10 years.) She puts a lot of thought into what she wants to give everyone, which is just so cute that it has helped me get over my Scroogy-ness. As usual, "Little" has made everything better.
My attitude also improved after I discovered Big Wave Dave's ReverbNation page yesterday. Little known secret about me- I really do not like most Christmas music. Especially the crap on the radio. I'd much rather hear a chamber choir sing the classics, than endure another pop band put their spin on an overplayed popular Christmas ballad. Which is why I have enjoyed played Dave's page all day long. Check it out! My favorite- the Elves Have Gone on Strike!
Also, the glorious plates of sugar covered goodness my neighbors keep delivering have worked miracles on my thighs and my attitude.Thank you all for the deliciousness!
Now, time to put the computer away, and finish making "Little's" present to her mother.

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  1. It's amazing what spending time with a kid who is filled with the wonder of Christmas can do for your own attitude. Go Little! Also, fabulous sugar cookies never hurt. Merry Christmas!


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