Thursday, December 17, 2009

Help Me Be a Big Booby

As you know, I'm "between jobs." As fun as that may sound to some people, I'm anxious to get back to work doing what it is I love- social media marketing. And I want to do it for a fun and exciting company. And I think I have found the PERFECT job for me with Vidli.
Vidli is a website about licensing videos. Don't know what that means? Don't worry about it, and just trust me, its a good thing. Are you a video creator and want to be able to make money off your videos without the annoyance of Google Ads on YouTube (where you'll make nothing)? This is the site for you. Its a good thing. I promise.
The main reason I like this company is that they don't want to just review resumes. They want people to prove their social media worth in a competition. This means I have to get YOU to click on this-

You click on that, and enter your info in the "sign me up" box, and I get 1 point.

Yes, I know this means you have to give away your info, and that's not cool. Your info will be used only to keep you aware of official Vidli updates. And we all know how that works, as soon as you get that first update you don't care about, click "unsubscribe" and we're all good.

Again- click this-

And help me get a job. The top 5 scorers score an interview with this company. And I rock at interviews!

One more reason you want to like this company- their logo/avatar is the Blue Footed Booby. And they sign their emails "Yeah Boobies!"

Help me be a Big Booby!!

The "contest" runs until Jan 1. I need as many votes as I can get! (the highest person right now has 94. I know we can do better than that!)

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  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    um ok you're a big..or you've got big...oh I just should keep my mouth shut and click the link


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