Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We made it! We're home! We left the comfort of our parents' house in Roanoke, VA at 7 am on Friday and pulled in to my beloved little house in Lehi, UT at 5 pm Saturday. Unless you have been living under a rock, or you're Juli and have been on a cruise all week, you probably know about the massive snowstorm that hit the East Coast on Friday. We saw this one coming a little better than we saw the one that hit us on our trip to VA, and managed to plan accordingly and leave soon enough to miss the snow.

Twitter and Facebook were my saving graces throughout the road trip. My brother is not exactly what I would call a skilled conversationalist. When he slept, I drove. When I slept, he drove. There wasn't a lot of dual awake time. So I twittered, texted, Facebooked, etc. to better pass the time. And I listened to my new favorite Pandora station on my Blackberry when the signal was strong enough. (I couldn't play the radio because it would wake Scott up.) I made a Clay Walker Pandora station, all fixed with my preferences. He of the awesome songs, Fall, Fore She Was Mama, and Hypnotize the Moon. My dear (twitter) friends Dani, Davi, Cary, and VitaGirl had kept me entertained throughout the long trip with late night twittering. At some point I got bored enough to actually start twittering the songs I was hearing on Pandora. Thankfully some friends were amused by this, and not completely annoyed. At some other point in all of this, I started referring to Clay Walker by his Twitter name, @claywalker. He's actually replied to me more than once on Twitter, so I should have been smart enough to realize that he'd probably read what we were saying about him. And boy did we ever say a lot about him. (here's just one thing i said)

Which begs the question, did he?

I do believe that just about covers it. And that would be pretty much be the highlight of the road trip right there. (Not the highlight of the whole trip, just the road trip portion.) One tiny little comment from one of my all time favorite musicians.
I'm more than just a little happy to be home, showered, in clean clothes, and in my own bed!!
Reality hits first thing tomorrow as I have church duties to attend to. And then its back to my exciting life of job hunting, interviews, etc. And all the requisite daydreaming, stressing, and house-hunting in other states that goes along with it.
Thanks again to all the fun people who texted, twittered, and facebooked me during the drive. It really did help pass the time!!

(to those I was trying to tell about meeting CW a long time ago- here's the blog post on that. and here. and here.)

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